The postgraduate course will last one year and will be available in October 2021.

Last June 9th, the Public University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) inaugurated the new master’s degree in Crypto-economy and Blockchain Technology. This master is for professionals in the areas of economics, finance, mathematics, engineering, and other related careers.

According to the announcement about the launch, the higher education program will be available from October 2021. The UPV / EHU Faculty of Science and Technology will be in charge of the course. Until now, the postgraduate course will be in person, from Monday to Friday, from 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

Other details of the master’s degree indicate that participating students will have, from the European Union, about 60 university credits. Although people in the Basque Country learn very fast, the postgraduate course will be in Spanish and will last one year to obtain the degree.

According to the university’s comments, the master’s degree is necessary for the professionals of the future, since the growth of blockchain technology has reached high levels in recent years. Hence, it is necessary to train young people to occupy positions within the blockchain industry.

The UPV / EHU exposes in its publication that companies increasingly involve these technologies in their financial and industrial processes; therefore, it is the responsibility of educational institutions to prepare professionals for the future. “Blockchain technology is one of the technologies that currently attract the most attention. Proof of this is that the labor market is increasingly demanding more experts in this technology.”

Besides, it adds: “The implementation of Blockchain technologies in industrial, financial, human resources, legal processes, etc. Today offers great advantages. For this reason, the demand for trained professionals to respond to this need for technological innovation is increasing.”

The opinions of the university’s board are following certain studies that point to the growth of the industry in the coming years. Ametic made a report where they estimate that only during this year 2020 the blockchain industry will receive an investment of at least 100 million dollars and forecasts growth in the coming years.

The Basque university also points out that, according to some records, the number of vacancies for jobs related to blockchain technology has tripled. It is for this reason that the student pursuing a master’s degree will obtain the necessary skills to occupy these new jobs.

According to the study curriculum, the master’s degree will have detailed information in areas such as cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, monetary policies, programming, non-monetary applications of blockchain technology, among other topics. In this way, the graduate seeks to be as complete and adapted to current new technologies.

The university expects that the reception by professionals interested in the area will be quite good, since, according to some studies conducted in Spain, the interest in these technologies has doubled from 2018 to date. Thus, they consider that the postgraduate will have a good enrollment.

By María Rodríguez


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