The game has similarities to the events happening in the United States of America today, in real life.

Local American media recently reported that the Pentagon created a war game that rewards its users with bitcoins (BTC). The Pentagon created this game in 2018, but the news was barely released in June 2020. The game bears a striking resemblance to current events in the world.

The name of the game is the 2018 Joint Land, Air, and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS). In this game, members of Generation Z (people born in the mid-90s) receive rewards in bitcoins (BTC) for their efforts in starting a rebellion called “Zbellion”.

That rebellion consists of the youth of Generation Z rebelling against the Government and stealing funds from the corporations to try to convert that money into bitcoins. In this way, Generation Z seeks to combat inequality in the world.

This game imagines frustrated young people launching a “Zbellion” in the United States of America in the 2020s, according to a report by The Intercept. This approach coincides with the protests that have unfolded in the United States this year, although the cause of current real events is the death of an African-American man named George Floyd due to racial discrimination.

However, the game coincided with social unrest and the year, 2020. This fact has impressed those who recently discovered the game dating from the year 2018.


According to local media, JLASS is a series of military exercises that members of the US war schools use to train and prepare for probable similar situations.

The Pentagon war game scenario involves Generation Z using Bitcoin to fight the system due to “a feeling of unease and insecurity.” Terrorist attacks of September 11th would have caused these feelings, the Great Recession, and the lack of opportunities.

The report on the game details that it begins with rallies and protests in the main cities of the United States and that the rebellion turns into “a global cyber campaign to expose injustice and corruption.”

Those who participate in the fictional rebellion are trained to use malware that allows them to steal money from corporations, banks, or any other institution. These people then convert the funds into bitcoins and distribute them to those who need it to combat economic inequality.

The concept of the game tries to reflect a description of the foreseeable trends in some regions of the world. For this reason, it also involves Islamist African militants and ISIS successors, something that is not currently happening in real life.

Like on the game stage, President Donald Trump said he would deploy military onto the street if state officials cannot contain protest violence, which has already spread to other countries.

Another similarity among the game and real life is that, in the current 2020s, society is moving towards the use of cryptocurrencies in response to “a feeling of unease and insecurity.” In real life, many Americans relied on buying bitcoins to safeguard their money, while companies considered using blockchain technology to protect their information and make payments faster and more securely.

In this way, current events indicate that Bitcoin can function as a store of value, regardless of the protests and even the Covid-19 pandemic.

By María Rodríguez


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