Tokenized cards are now launched to conquer mixed martial arts. The creators of CryptoKitties reappear on the scene with a new collectible card game.

The Canadian company Dapper Labs, which created the Ethereum blockchain-based CryptoKitties game, announced its alliance with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the largest mixed martial arts company in the world, for the launch of digital collectible cards. Therefore, Conor McGregor, the Irish star of the octagon, is about to make a leap into the digital world in the form of a non-fungible token.

The UFC announced to its passionate fans on its official website that they will soon be able to purchase, exchange or collect digital cards in Flow, the new public blockchain that Dapper Labs launched last September with the idea of ​​solving the scalability problems present in the Ethereum blockchain.

According to Forbes, Flow can process large volumes of transactions and will thus be the support for the development of other projects of the company, such as digital assets that will be created jointly with the Warner Music blockchain team, to address the world of music.

It is worth noting that Flow makes it easy for any developer to create blockchain applications, games, and digital assets to enhance them. By working with the UFC, the blockchain shows what can be done when a base of committed fans are given real participation in the game that they love and in the communities of which they are part.

The use of the new Flow blockchain to demonstrate the authenticity of a single digital object, such as the digital card signed by Conor McGregor and other UFC fighters, allows those objects to accumulate real value.

Powerful Collectible Cards

Drapper Labs became known in the industry after their flagship product CryptoKitties exploded on the Ethereum scene in 2017 to quickly become the most widely used decentralized application.

Two years ago, in 2018, the Canadian-based company announced that it had raised USD 15 million in a new round of financing, which would be used to solve usability and infrastructure problems, as well as to expand its operations to the United States.

The use of CryptoKitties has decreased dramatically since its glory days of 2017 when a total of around 13,600 users were playing per day. It is believed that that situation was influenced by the bad experience undergone by users, who had to wait a while until transactions were finally solved. To combat these problems, the Flow network emerged as a solution that, according to the company, will be able to reach high transaction speed.

According to the technical specifications of the network, to reach a high level of speed, each node in the Flow blockchain is driven by a consensus algorithm derived from VMware HotStuff, a member of Blockchain 50, the same algorithm used by Facebook in its early work on the cryptocurrency Libra. It is clarified that, instead of each node performing each task before reaching a consensus in the network, four different types of nodes will be used.

By Willmen Blanco


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