The Bitcobie platform, created in 2018, is aimed at providing training and disseminating information on Bitcoin technology. The Blockchain Specialization Course is taught in person and online.

There is a strikingly large number of blockchain and cryptocurrency training courses being offered.  It is clearly observed that speculation, trading and the desire to make money quickly have become the protagonists of today’s society.

However, it is important to note that making any kind of investment without proper knowledge is synonymous to wasting money. That is particularly true when investors follow the advice of a false “guru.”

Unfortunately, people do not learn, understand and disseminate everything that blockchain technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general can provide. This technology is destined to become part of people’s everyday lives and it will change (is changing) the known world.

Satoshi Nakamoto said that Bitcoin would be used by everyone or no one whosoever. That adoption will not be possible if users do not receive training that makes them understand that this crypto asset can be their own bank and that the time of financial giants is about to come to an end.

Bitcobie Platform

Bitcobie is a training and dissemination platform that was born in May 2018. Its founder, Álvaro Cobarro, says that Bitcobie is aimed at allowing anyone to have access to all this technology.

With that philosophy in mind, in a little over a year, Bitcobie has not only become the representative of Pundi X in Spain, but it has also managed to position itself as a reference in terms of training and dissemination.

Bitcobie guides use a democratic language understandable to anyone. Its articles do not seek to be the first in terms of current affairs, but they try to clarify certain concepts, tell stories and, of course, help the community grow together and be well prepared.

After having gradually created a space in the imaginary of the Hispanic ecosystem, the Bitcobie team has recruited a group of teachers that share the same philosophy and organized the first promotion of the Blockchain Specialization Course (BSC).

The course, which lasts more than 30 hours, is divided into 6 modules and a final practice for the student to verify that he has consolidated the knowledge acquired. It is addressed to people who want to enter the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as all those that intend to deepen their knowledge before deciding to take a one-year master’s degree course.

During the course, the student will gain knowledge about cryptoeconomics, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, smart contract programming, blockchain technology and its consensus protocols, ICO and STO analysis, and a rare avis (something infrequent) in blockchain training: crypto security.

The Bitcobie course will be taught in person and online for everyone and is scheduled to start on September 26th, 2019. The objective of the course is to train as many people as possible, regardless of the country of origin. In that way, it will be possible to avoid scams and silly capital losses, as well as to achieve a healthier and better prepared ecosystem.

By Willmen Blanco


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