The Catalan government trains public administration personnel so that they can use the tool.

In a recent press report, it was announced that the government of the autonomous community of Catalonia will use blockchain technology to improve its administrative processes in several areas. For this reason, it executes a significant investment of 3 million euros, in order to lead out the project.

The pilot plan with the blockchain platform will be conducted using the investment injected by the government of the region, which will be called “blockchain strategy”. The project is expected to have a duration of 3 years to be developed, where users can create applications that help to significantly improve transparency and control in the data of fields of public administration, such as digital identity, health, or garbage collection systems.

Daniel Marcos, General Director of Innovation and Digital Economy of Generalitat, mentions that the project also seeks to collect information about the habits of its citizens, in order to adapt the services to the movement of its customers. In addition, he ensures that this type of program is conducted facilitating administrative processes and proving to be very useful for lower costs and turns out to be an easy-to-use tool, so they trust the potential of the blockchain.

In this sense, Marcos talked about the uses of these tools in the public sector. He mentioned an example of the municipal landfills system since the Waste Agency of Catalonia takes control of waste vehicles and landfills, using blockchain technology to save a record of the history of movements, accidents, among other aspects.

“We can motivate people to recycle more. Blockchain technology allows for mechanical gamification. We can also establish a compensation model for those who do it well”, Marcos said during an interview with a local newspaper.

About the process to execute the project, it is known that the local government has already established a blockchain training scheme. In this way, they will be able to train more and more personnel and add employees capable of using the tool in the administrative area. A test laboratory has also been set up, where all the pilot tests that the developer team decides can be conducted.

Despite how advanced the project may be or the budget injection made by the government, many of the investigations that will be fulfilled are still unknown. Some of them include the lack of knowledge of the type of blockchain that the government will use to create the platform.

Developers could try to use the blockchain technology of Ethereum or Bitcoin for the development of the tool. Generalitat would be responsible for developing a private and unique platform that is responsible for sustaining the tool.

Although this idea is not clear yet, the project is about to start operating and the expectation grows. The team expect the first pilot tests to be conducted as soon as possible to start the pilot test.

By María Rodríguez


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