Nodalblock Company, which will provide support for the sale of tickets, has the necessary permits, in accordance with the requirements of the European Parliament, to provide its services in Spain

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (in Spanish, Real Federación Española de Fútbol, RFEF) issued a statement on January 29th, in which it reported that it will launch a system based on blockchain technology, for the sale of tickets of their different events and soccer matches.

According to the statement, the RFEF decided to partner with the startup Nodalblock. The objective is to develop the traceability system which allows fans to buy the tickets in a more secure way, with a digital platform supported by blockchain.

The system developed for the sale of tickets to soccer matches has digital support which allows the tracking and control of the count of tickets, the digital activation of them and the security of the buyer’s information the Accounting system provides distributed from the blockchain of the Canadian company Nodalblock.

The statement details that “The RFEF plans to use blockchain technology through the tracking and activation of the tickets sold for the events it organizes, including the matches of the Spanish Football Team, as a way to provide more transparency and better control of the distribution of said inputs, eradicating the physical resale points”.

The new system will work according to the old sales structure the federation had, authorizing and providing official channels for the exchange of the physical entry ticket by a digital one that has all the information necessary for access to the stadium.

The main purpose of the company is to lower the costs of ticket processing, which each year represents a significant amount of money, as well as supporting the sustainability of the environment.

It was known that this new blockchain solution, for the sale of tickets to the Federation’s events, will have its official launch for the next game of the Spanish national soccer team with the Norwegian national team, which will be held in Valencia next March 23rd.

However, representatives of the Federation are evaluating the possibility of using the system also for the sale of tickets to events such as the final of the “Copa del Rey” and “Copa de la Reina”, as well as for official games of the second and third division.

Against Piracy and Scams

David Lanau, who is President of Nodalblock for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said that this platform developed by his company for the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) represents a definitive solution to minimize irregularities and illegalities within the stadiums of Spain. Lanau said that “it will prevent false tickets from being sold and eliminate physical resale points”.

According to Lanau, the system will provide the necessary security to sell tickets properly. In the case of a suspicion of illegality, tickets may be tracked together, minimizing failures and providing proven and verified security.

In addition, Lanau added that the Nodalblock system is supported by the Ethereum technology network. “Nodalblock has its own network of nodes in the cloud: Nodalnet, which is the one our clients work with, unless they ask us specifically for their own network, which in that case we assemble it. All the platform of the federation is Nodalblock blockchain technology. It does not interact with any public network. The real market does not accept the volatility and timing of such public networks”, he said.

The Spanish team is the first to be linked with blockchain technology for its real income and accounting systems. It is expected that the technology will be expanded and adapted, in order to improve the administrative processes of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

By María Rodríguez


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