To conduct out this Forum, the Intellectual Property Office worked together with the BlockChain Observatory of the European Union, in order to create alliances which promote the interests of both departments

As a method to inform about the advantages of new technologies according to respect for copyright and intellectual property of artists, scientists, creators, inter alia, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), announced, through the official website last Thursday, February 7th, which will be offered a forum to offer information about the benefits that Blockchain can contribute to this matter.

The event will bring useful tools to provide to organizations, public and private institutions. The main idea is to use blockchain with the task of guarding and protect the copyright, in order to create an environment conducive against counterfeiting, the illegal copy, and the theft of information and the usurpation of identities in intellectual discovery and artistic creation.

The event will be named “Anti-counterfeiting Blockathon Forum“, which will have a distinguished branch of experts and organizations responsible for investigating blockchain technology, to create an ideal infrastructure to fight against the falsification of data on the Internet.

Through this forum, it is expected that exclusive details will be presented to different public and private organizations about the authenticity verification of goods, as well as their transport and publication.

In the publication on the website it was commented that: “The establishment of the Anti-Counterfeiting Blockathon Forum is part of the EU’s overall strategy to create a blockchain ecosystem and is the result of the EU Blockathon 2018 contest, jointly organized by the European Commission and the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union”.

The Forum is done with the intention of strengthening the efforts of these organizations to fight piracy, illegal information traffic and the safety of goods. Supported on this thought, the Executive Director of Euipo, Christian Archambeau, emphasized the prevailing need to take advantage of these technologies for the effective development of the intellectual goods and the tracking of information chains globally.

“In the fast world today, we need to use the latest technology to maintain a reliable record of the goods and its progress through the chain of international supplies. The ability of blockchain to create permanent and immutable records makes it one of the best candidates to deliver results in the field”, he said.

Effort against Counterfeit

In 2018 mid-year, the EUIPO called on blocks and experts in the field of Blockchain. For this reason, this institution carried out a “Blockathon” in Belgium, in order to get allies to promote these technologies. The intention is to create a group dedicated to developing, in a period of 48 hours, effective solutions to the interests of the office, using distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Due to multiple efforts made by the participants of the “Blockathon“, the birth of this forum was conducted to promote the constant development of tools specifically created to avoid counterfeiting.

Other countries are also working on the preservation of copyright through blockchain technology since this platform is used for the efficient storage of the information as important as even in the field of medical stories and real estate.

By María Rodríguez


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