When most of the finances are saved or invested in cryptocurrencies, there are many options to give the ideal gift to that special person

No matter what outside events people are facing, they are always willing to celebrate, spend some quality of time with friends and family or even give a present to that special person; cryptocurrencies could become allies to buy different products or services. For this reason, we show you the best options in terms of gifts that can be purchased using cryptoactives, through some official web platforms.

Gifts for Lovers on Valentine’s Day

There are different web sites where people can check, select and buy different items for their couples and also have a romantic dinner at any restaurant of their choice. The CoinMap website offers an extensive list of options, where it is possible to search restaurants, in any country, that accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for their services.

In addition, a selective search engine allows specifying the type of food that the couple wants for the occasion. Among the options are exotic, Italian, and even aphrodisiac food.

Another choice for lovers are the platforms where people can buy different products to share a special time with that special person. Among these web sites, Bitcoinismo.com stands out. It is a virtual store specializing in all kinds of objects such as household appliances and sporting goods.

Bitcoinism contains a special section for the sale of perfumes, oils, and films, among other items. The digital store has a platform to receive payments in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins (BTC) that can be done immediately and with a shipping service.

The Crypto-Market for Free Buying and Selling

On the web, there are different sales support platforms that are very similar to web sites such as OLX and Mercado Libre, where items of different categories are offered, using the cryptocurrency method as a central payment method or negotiating the price directly with the seller.

Among the most popular pages of this type is Openbazaar, which offers its users the opportunity to negotiate directly with the seller the price of any of the hundreds of products offered by the platform, ranging from watches, perfumes, video games, clothes, and even jewelry and other objects. The special feature of this website is that it only manages and deals with cryptocurrencies, among which there are more than 50 types of options for purchase, from Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), among others.

Virtual Shops for Men

If one of the pairs’ plan is the purchase of some television or electronic object, Overstock is an option to choose the most convenient equipment. The website focuses on the sale of video game consoles, televisions, smartphones, among other items, such as watches and perfumes for men.

Tickets for Events, Cinema and more

For more recreational alternatives, there are several pages on the web that are responsible for selling tickets to theater or concerts. These pages provide information regarding the country and the schedule of the events.

Among these web pages is Experia, a web platform which allows payments with bitcoins for the purchase of tickets for events, which are also authorized to accept said cryptocurrency as payment method, in some parts of the world. This platform works in a similar way to how Movie ticket works in the United States to sell cinema tickets.

The main benefit of these new platforms which allow purchasing of items with cryptocurrencies is to diversify payment methods and markets towards alternative technology, in order to facilitate the purchase of goods and services for the enjoyment of the best moments; those that couples will remember forever.

By María Rodríguez


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