In times of crisis like the current one, teachers resort to various ways to motivate their students. That is the case of a Venezuelan teacher, who uses Bitcoin to give hope to her students.

Teaching is one of the fields most affected by the economic crisis in Venezuela. The average teacher’s salary is just over the minimum wage (VES 800, equivalent to USD 4), due to hyperinflation. However, a Venezuelan teacher uses Bitcoin in her classes as a way to give hope to her elementary school students.

Isabela, 49 years old, with a teaching experience of more than 30 years, was heartbroken by the current reality that most Venezuelans must face every day.

She left behind her best years in teaching, which took many of her coworkers and students away. Children stopped going to school as their parents were not able to pay for their school tuition. Her coworkers resigned, saying that they needed jobs that paid them in US dollars.

However, Isabela holds firm to her idea of ​​teaching her students with dedication, values, ​​and quality. She was determined to regain the motivation of her students, opposing and fighting the difficulties that Venezuelans are undergoing.

After doing hard research, she found a somewhat strange but promising name in a way: Bitcoin.

Jobs with Payments in Bitcoin as an Option in Venezuela

The concepts of “cryptocurrency” and “BTC”, among others, filled her with unknowns, but she realized that this virtual currency was exactly what she needed. It is a decentralized, anti-inflationary, and secure currency, which may become her escape from the difficult financial situation in the country.

In Venezuela, banks cannot receive transactions in other currencies except for the bolivar (VES). This makes Bitcoin particularly attractive to the population. It does not require a bank account to conduct transactions. Everything is done from wallets disconnected from any government entity.

Use of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies as a Teaching Method

Sometime later, Isabela received an opportunity to perform a freelance job paid in BTC.

This work has allowed her to earn enough money to support her family and, little by little, take her students back to school.

Bitcoin says that she only needs to see her students’ eyes, full of desire to progress, and the light of hope. She says that her classroom is full and she does not plan to leave it.

This teacher states that she does not doubt that Bitcoin represents freedom, regardless of its price or although major regulators say that it has no value. She invites everyone to go to her classroom to talk to her students since Bitcoin is in each of them.

This daring Venezuelan teacher uses Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies to teach her students. She thinks that they can learn, from a young age, that there are alternatives to ordinary money that they did not know before.

She tries to provide them with this tool to increasingly motivate them to overcome the adversities that affect them.

Isabela has succeeded in adapting to the field of cryptocurrencies, even going so far as to teach her students the advantages of these assets.

By Alexander Salazar


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