The course will last 30 academic hours and over 6 weeks.

The National Technological University (UTN) recently announced the second edition of the free course on blockchain technology, created in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This course has the support of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation and will start this June 26th.

The announcement on this new course details that the name of the course is “Bitcoin and Blockchain: a technical introduction”. This is the second time that the National Technological University offers this course, thanks to the support of the aforementioned institutions and the great reception it received in its last edition.

According to a report that the National Technological University published, the first edition of the course registered more than 1,000 students, who well appreciated it. For this reason, in this second edition of the course, the university hopes to have a higher number of participants and with more accurate and updated data.

The reports on this new course name the Electrical Engineer Julian Drangosch as the person in charge of imparting the educational material. The engineer is recognized for being an activist, a member of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, and a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Regarding the organization of the course, the university informed that it will divide the course into 6 modules, which will cover topics ranging from the use of digital wallets, mining, and cryptography to how bitcoin and Bitcoin work as a decentralized organization.

The university emphasized that students interested in the course need to have basic knowledge of computing, mathematics, economics, and the Internet. In the same vein, they also must speak English. The reason is that the workshop contains unique material that is only available in said language. In the end, the National Technological University recalled that the course will last 30 academic hours and over 6 weeks.

The Course Will Include Certification

The National Technological University mentioned that participants, who have completed the course with a score equal to or greater than 75 % in all modules, will have the possibility of receiving a certificate that guarantees their participation. The student can download the aforementioned certificate through the university’s website in PDF format.

Besides, the university approved to deliver a higher certificate that endorses the student as a participant who approved the course. For the student to opt for this certificate, they must complete the course and have made a single payment for the diploma.

The Miríadax platform will support the course, according to the announcement. Miríadax is a specialist in courses with blockchain validation. All those interested in the course on blockchain technology and Bitcoin that this university offers must register through the Miríadax official website.

The National Technological University is not the only university in Latin America that has decided to focus efforts on imparting knowledge about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Last June 11th, the Javeriana University of Colombia informed me that it offers a blockchain course that is also free now.

Another university in the world that offers free courses on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is Princeton University. In this way, more and more people around the world will have the opportunity to know more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and how to take advantage of them.

By María Rodríguez


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