The minister assures that the use of DLT will improve public administration.

Karen Abudinen, who serves as the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies in Colombia, commented during an interview that the use of blockchain technology could help improve important aspects of public administration. Besides, she assured that if the government uses these tools in key sectors, this technology can create better trust among citizens and the State.

Abudinen mentioned that citizens rate the use of empowering tools such as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as positive. She said that citizens know that DLT is the same as blockchain and that they can accept its implementation in “Tax collection, voting, issuance of documents, and donations.” The minister added that if public administration adopts this technology, the efficiency in the sector will improve, as well as insecurity and transparency protocols.

The official recalled that this technology has function on other occasions in Colombia. She presented two examples. The first time, the country applied blockchain technology in internal voting in some district schools in the city of Bogotá.

The second time, the country used blockchain technology at the National Land Agency. On that occasion, the developers created an app that uses blockchain technology to keep track of movements, improve traceability, and notify certain assignments.

In past months, the official mentioned that the new digital age will integrate all municipalities in Colombia very soon. Abudinen added that they include the use of blockchain technology among the country’s plans. She also announced that cybersecurity tools and data analysis will not only be used by government entities but also be used for national enterprises and different economic areas.

The minister recalled that they have programmed these transformation and evolution plans since President Iván Duque promised, in his government program, the use of blockchain technology to improve transparency in the country.

Bitcoin Is Not Among Colombia’s Plans

The Colombian state has focused efforts on the use of blockchain technology for different aspects of life. The state not only considers blockchain for official use but also accepts the development of projects that promote solutions based on technologies derived from the blockchain.

However, there is not the same support for the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in the country. An example of this is when restrictions, account cancellations, and ignorance of the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment affect some crypto exchange houses.

As an official notification, the highest financial institution in Colombia issued a statement where it denies Bitcoin as a legal tender, so users cannot use this cryptocurrency to make payments. 

“Bitcoin is not a currency in Colombia and, therefore, does not constitute a legal means of payment with unlimited liberating power. Therefore, there is no obligation to receive it as a means of complying with obligations”, the statement affirms.

By María Rodríguez


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