Two of the most important video game companies in the industry, Ultra, and Ubisoft, believe that blockchain technology could improve their platforms

Ubisoft and Ultra have decided to implement blockchain technology to adapt it to the video game industry to improve efficiency in the development of new editions.

In one of the strongest bets, Ultra believes that blockchain technology and digital currencies can provide the industry with powerful support for the distribution of new games that would go on the market, as well as help players dedicated to specific titles.

For these reasons, Ultra decided to ally with the video game giant Ubisoft so that the company’s platform designed for the players of its platform can be used. Ubisoft would lend its blockchain network, aimed at its players, to help certify purchase and distribution transactions.

It is important to clarify that Ultra has developed its blockchain platform called UOS, which was designed to have active participation in the video game industry. However, at this time the company does not feel qualified to fully commission its services.

It is for this reason that a collaboration agreement was reached with Ubisoft. The video game giant will collaborate with Ultra in the process of starting its services with blockchain, as well as making sure that it works perfectly.

Many video game companies have decided to enter and use blockchain technology in their distribution and development of new games. This even leads companies to mount their new titles with cryptographic technology in mind. But these companies are aware that these platforms have enough strength to affect their businesses and their processes, which is why it is necessary to carefully treat the blockchain.

Video Games and Blockchain: Partners of The Technological Future

It is known that this platform will allow the creation of new assets for the games that will be launched. These assets can be transferred between players and would function as payments for digital objects, among other things.

Ultra producers comment that it is important to leave open all possibilities for them to grow within the crypto industry. And, thus, help to finish the task of technical validation of their processes.

When announcing this alliance, Nicolas Gilot, who is CO-CEO of Ultra, commented that they are very excited by this agreement that will allow verifying that blockchain technology can be used to boost the videogame industry.

Since Ubisoft is already a leader in the gaming industry and shows its commitment to test blockchain as a viable technology for games, we are very excited to announce our first such cooperation with them”.

Besides, some titles that have been exploring blockchain technology within the industry were released. “Ubisoft’s broad portfolio of world-renowned brands, which include Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, and Far Cry, is a testament to their dedication to creating quality content for everyone, and their dedication for years to explore technology. blockchain ensures that they have the knowledge and skills to be excellent block producers”.

In another sense, Nicolas Pouard, who is CEO of Ubisoft, mentioned that this alliance will help players find blockchain solutions within the industry. “Our team at the Strategic Innovation Laboratory strongly believes that all blockchain use cases bring value to players that are important to support, and Ultra offers a solution that does exactly that. During this first collaborative trial period, we hope to help them take it to a larger scale and experiment with the possibilities that this opens up for the industry”.

Undoubtedly, this alliance will help increase credibility in blockchain technology and strengthen the video game industry that is becoming the strongest and most powerful entertainment industry.

By María Rodríguez


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