Max Keiser is one of the most important crypto influencers today, so his opinion about Bitcoin is of great value.

There is no doubt that, within the crypto community, Max Keiser is recognized as one of the most influential figures. It should be noted that this crypto influencer’s analytical opinion on Bitcoin is followed by the majority of cryptocurrency users. For this reason, it is worth taking stock of Keiser’s main ideas about the present and future of the main cryptocurrency.

Who Is Max Keiser

First of all, it is necessary to make clear who Max Keiser is to understand his opinion and why it is so important to users of the crypto world. It should be mentioned that Keiser is an American journalist and stockbroker, who is widely known for his “Keiser Report” program broadcast on the Russia Today television channel.

Also, he also participates in the Iranian television program “On the Edge,” he writes for The Huffington Post and has his program on financial matters on London’s Resonance FM, so he would be a known media figure in the world of international financial investment.

However, what really triggered the popularity of Max Keiser, and related it directly to Bitcoin, was an interview that he had with Deputy George Galloway in 2013. On that occasion, he stated that if he were the Mayor of London, the economy of the entire city would be based on BTC, which has made him a figure recognized by the crypto community.

Since that time, Max Keiser has remained associated with the world of cryptocurrencies, launching his virtual currency, MaxCoin, in 2014. He also launched “StartJOIN” for the StartJOIN crowdfunding site, as well as the capital fund for investment in cryptocurrencies “Bitcoin Capital.”

For this reason, Max Keiser’s programs have eventually become bastions, within the traditional media, for the defense of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. This is in agreement with the ideology of Keiser, who is a declared anarchist.

His Opinion on Bitcoin

Not surprisingly, Keiser defends cryptocurrencies in general, devoting a significant amount of his time to supporting Bitcoin. The analyst sees this cryptocurrency as an active store of value, with significant advantages over gold, thanks to the decentralization and self-management that characterize it.

Keiser has even aroused controversy by stating that cryptocurrencies would have already exceeded fiat money or that Bitcoin will maintain its bullish trend, especially as its hash rate continues to grow. This represents greater computing power within the network, greater security, and an increase in the interest in the cryptocurrency.

In that way, Keiser’s optimistic view of the future of Bitcoin would be supported by the analysis he has made of the crypto market over the years. His clues about the future of BTC and the crypto asset market are of vital importance for anyone that wants to venture into the crypto market. It should be noted that Bitcoin has been able to survive drastic falls, from which it has managed to rise despite the pessimistic forecasts of its opponents.

By Willmen Blanco


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