A test with the application showed a 20% increase in download speed. Each new user receives 10 BTT to start using the application.

The Tron Foundation officially announced the launch of BitTorrent Speed ​​on July 9th. This application offers an increase in download speed through the tokenization of user participation.

BitTorrent’s Vice President of Product, Justin Knoll, explained that the new application allows connecting with one or more peers, who receive payments in BitTorrent (BTT) so that they extend their download capacity. The interaction with other users in these terms was already a fundamental part of the process. The incentive of the BTT token now comes into play.

Any user can be rewarded in this way by sharing files already downloaded. This, according to BitTorrent developers, is what stimulates greater activity in the network. This leads to the increase in download speeds.

Increase in Speed

BitTorrent’s new tool has proved to really increase download speed. It could be seen that, when turning on the speed increase option, the application located other users that were sharing and it increased the speed in more than 20%, compared to the uTorrent application alone.

At first, BitTorrent Speed ​​showed unrealistic figures, with percentages higher than 200% increase in download speed. These data were stabilized to show smaller but sustained numbers.

Along with the download of the Tron application, each new BitTorrent Speed ​​user receives 10 BTT. That amount allows users to start using the application to improve the download speed. During the test with a file of just over 0.5 GB, the balance shown in the wallet of the application did not change.

Little Expense and Little Profit at an Early Stage

During the launch, Knoll assured that it is unlikely that the use of this initial version of the program will produce drastic changes in users’ balance. Also, he said that they are more likely to see higher download speeds and a balance that stays about the same as when they installed it.

This occurs at a stage where the network seeks expansion, said Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Foundation, which acquired BitTorrent in 2018. He argued that these balance variations will grow along with the network, with greater participation of users.

In addition, he explained that, in the event that the balance is effectively depleted, users can always recharge it by depositing more BTT from an external wallet. There is also the option to earn by sharing files in the network. However, Knoll considers that these gains will depend on several factors.

The demand of the file in the network and the number of participants sharing it are among these elements. He indicated that it is easier to gain when sharing a file that has a lower number of seeds (users sharing) than when there are many users.

After a controversial situation in Tron offices, which affected the price of its cryptocurrency TRX momentarily, this crypto asset has remained in green, despite most of the main 20 cryptocurrencies showing losses.

TRX has increased more than 2%, only surpassed by Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin SV (BSV).

By Willmen Blanco


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