The Binance executive had allegedly escaped on March 22 while in custody in Nigeria.

Nadeem Anjarwalla, a British and Kenyan citizen who works for the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, was arrested in Kenya after escaping custody in Nigeria in March, several local media reported on April 22.

Kenyan police detained Anjarwalla and are considering his possible extradition to Nigeria to face criminal charges. The Binance executive escaped on March 22, when he took the opportunity to flee the country using his Kenyan passport.

The Binance executive reportedly traveled to Nigeria in February along with another Binance executive, Tigran Gambaryan, amid accusations that the exchange manipulated the country’s fiat currency, the naira. Both were arrested after Binance announced that it would stop accepting transactions in that currency.

BlackRock’s Paul Taylor Joins PairedWorld After Successful Funding Round

There is good news for PairedWorld, as the company looking to reignite real-world social interactions with blockchain technology. Paul Taylor, a venture partner at BlackRock, just joined its advisory board, just after the company closed a $1.5 million funding round.

PairedWorld is known for its innovative approach to motivating people to take a break from their devices and enjoy real social experiences. To do this, they have developed a system that rewards in-person social engagement, thus combating the growing problem of digital addiction and isolation. Additionally, they offer consumer brands access to data based on these real-world interactions.

Taylor has extensive knowledge in fintech and blockchain, which fits perfectly with the company’s mission. “Having Paul with us gives us confidence that we are on the right path,” said Raluca Cherciu, co-founder of PairedWorld.

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Fall After Halving

Bitcoin started the week with stability, trading above $65,800. While transaction fees decreased considerably following the recent halving.

On-chain data from indicates that medium priority transactions now cost $8.48, and high priority transactions cost $9.32. These numbers represent a significant decline from the post-halving peaks, when fees for a medium priority transaction exceeded $146 and high priority transactions reached over $170.

The hash price index, a metric developed by Luxor to measure a miner’s earning potential per unit of hashrate, has also seen a decline. Going from $182.98 per hash/day to $81, a figure lower than what was observed before the halving.

EigenLayer, Ethereum’s Largest Restoration Protocol, Could Face Performance Issues

EigenLayer, currently the largest Ethereum restoration protocol by total value locked (TVL), could find itself in a precarious situation due to its rapid growth. Industry observers are warning of a possible “cliff” in returns due to the gap between the amount of TVL and Actively Validated Services (AVS), which are necessary for the security of the protocol.

Chudnov, a pseudonymous builder on derivatives exchange 3Jane, commented in a post on social network X on April 22 that EigenLayer has more than $15 billion in TVL. But to maintain security, AVS actually need less than 10% of that amount. This could lead to a drastic drop in returns, affecting users participating in the protocol.

EigenLayer’s accelerated growth is partly due to the removal of limits for all liquid staking tokens (LST) on April 16. According to a company announcement. EigenLayer launched on the mainnet on April 10 and quickly attracted the attention of the Ethereum community.

By Leonardo Perez


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