The award for Mani Thawani was for his innovation in Blockchain and crypto ventures.

Mundo Crypto CEO Mani Thawani received the “Crypto Entrepreneur of the Year” award at the Leaders in Fintech Awards 2022 in Dubai, by the publication Entrepreneur Middle East, for his initiatives to promote Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

In this regard, Mani Thawani stated the following:

“Dubai has welcomed both me and my team and is being key in the strategic expansion that we are carrying out from Mundo Crypto. The expansion of this business must allow present and future generations to benefit from a more equitable and decentralized economy, built on the notion of freedom.”

Mundo Crypto Recent Bursts

At the end of August, the Mundo Crypto forum was organized in Spain, which brought together more than 7,000 people at the WiZink Center in Madrid, in a day focused on digital financial and cryptocurrency education, which is added to the launch of its training metaverse under the Learn-to-Earn and Proof-of-Community model.

Given the controversy, Mundo Crypto announced that it would return the cost of the tickets:

“It was considered reasonable for the attendees to deposit a symbolic sum of 49.35 euros (including management fees for a value of 2.35 euros) that would be returned after the act. They have mistakenly referred to this deposit as a penalty, and it has even slipped that a benefit was intended through it. We do not want to miss the opportunity to show that we will return 100% of the deposit to everyone within the next 7 days.”

The last Mundo Crypto forum generated so much controversy that Mani Thawani said “he did not understand the negative media attention”, after the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) of Spain warned about the lack of permits from the organizers and their sponsors to offer cryptocurrency investment services, to which they explained that it was just an educational forum.

It should be remembered that last August, Thawani argued that “it was not necessary” for the CNMV to make an announcement warning about the company, since he considers that they are “the right arm of the CNMV” when preparing their students to know the risks and benefits that the ecosystem offers, unlike other academies such as IM Academy, which was linked to a pyramid scam.

Mundo Crypto is among the most Innovative of the Year

According to Notimérica, Mani Thawani has been the first Spaniard to receive a crypto and technological award in the Midwest, an award that usually honors personalities who have led initiatives with an impact on the crypto and Blockchain industry market.

The CEO of Mundo Crypto expressed the following upon being awarded:

“At Mundo Crypto we work with the objective of expanding our operations in the Middle East and Africa. In this sense, we will continue working to lead the education that helps accelerate the growth of the sector and its responsible mass adoption.”

The Mundo Crypto team currently has over 150 employees spread throughout offices in Canary Islands, Madrid, and Dubai, with one of their most recent undertakings being Mundo Crypto News, which has been envisioned as “The first completely decentralized media outlet” that delivers the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news.

By Audy Castaneda


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