When people buy BTC on an exchange, they lose much time and privacy, providing data to gain access to a database that does not require it. While many expect different things to happen nationally or globally, the most significant changes occur through individual movements in the local community.

The most common way of swapping fiat money for Bitcoin (BTC) access involves using cryptocurrency exchanges. However, new options like Bitcoin meetups and small businesses are springing up to remove the legacy system.

The number of weekly Bitcoin meetups to provide education and advancement is increasing in small towns and cities. Novices and experts assemble to communicate, educate, and collaborate on ways to promote adoption in their local economies.

There they will find passionate leaders devoting their time and energy daily to building on Bitcoin. Newcomers who usually ask the organizers where they should buy Bitcoin receive a referral code to any of the few Bitcoin-focused exchanges.

Small Businesses Can Accept Bitcoin as Part of their Reserves

Since small businesses are the pillar of any local community, they may benefit the most from adopting Bitcoin due to government intervention. In other words, doing fiat business in a hyperinflationary environment becomes complicated, leading to accepting BTC as part of the balance sheet and the reserves.

Although many small businesses receive Bitcoin as payment for goods and services, many overlook its adoption. Before accepting the pioneering cryptocurrency, their customers must have easy access to Bitcoin and be ready to spend it.

Most people seeking to take advantage of discounts for paying in Bitcoin in a store make a to-do list that becomes a low priority when they leave. That situation reinforces consumer sentiment that using BTC is too complex and not ready for doing retail business.

If a Bitcoin meetup attendee or a local small business customer buys BTC on an exchange, he loses time, privacy, and mental energy. In the long run, he has given up his identity to gain access to a database that does not require it.

The process of verifying the account, moving the money onto and off the exchange, and purchasing might take around a week. To top it off, the cryptocurrency trading platform, the bank, and the government have detailed documentation on the transaction.

People Can Contribute to the Efforts of Meetups in Their Local Communities

Regular customers/attendees and newcomers can now receive Bitcoin vouchers at meetups and small businesses. Novices no longer need to do a home project to buy BTC on a cryptocurrency exchange. The meetup organizer educates attendees on the value of a sovereign stack while empowering them to take custody immediately.

Meetups provide a tool that has received a strong response from their attendees, who contribute to their ongoing efforts in their community. Attendees can support local meetings and Bitcoin adoption through the best avenue available to buy the cryptocurrency.

Small businesses understanding the importance of accepting Bitcoin as payment do not have to send customers away anymore. They can pass the savings from the credit card transaction to their customer, eliminating the chargeback risk. However, they must make Bitcoin readily available to support that decision and experience the Lightning Network.

While many people wait for different things to happen nationally or globally, individual grassroots movements shine a light on Bitcoin in the local community. Meetups and small businesses contribute to adoption through education and engagement, showing that nobody needs to give up their future monetary prospects.

By Alexander Salazar


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