One of the up and coming crypto projects in the industry has killed two birds with one stone. In hiring three new people for its venture, it has acquired new talent whilst significantly downgrading the troops of crucial rivals at the same time. That is the case of Square Crypto.

The crypto department of the publicly traded payments firm that focuses solely on Bitcoin announced this week that it will welcome three new people that will contribute to the development of its open-source ecosystem.

Vast Experience in the Field

“Steve Lee. Matt Corallo. The guy who writes these tweets. If you thought we already had the bitcoin dream team, think again. Please welcome Valentine Wallace, Jeffrey Czyz, and Arik Sosman to Square Crypto,” the firm tweeted whilst @mentioning the Twitter users involved.

One of the three hires has experience with Facebook and BitGo, and recently worked with digital wallet developer Calibra, closely related with the Libra project. His name is Arik Sosman, and he told a specialized crypto news site that he is looking forward to his newest challenge.

“My personal areas of interest are privacy and [Layer 2] scalability, though we’ll see what the team ultimately ends up working on. … I’m extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to join this amazing team, and to focus on contributing to the most important cryptocurrency and ecosystem,” he said.

An Ambitious Project

“Val comes to us via Lightning Labs, Arik via Facebook Libra and BitGo, and Jeff via Google. This completes our inaugural developer team, as well as step 1 of our plan to grow the FOSS bitcoin developer base with gifted new contributors,” Square Crypto wrote.

As Square, a company that has Jack Dorsey as its CEO, announced, Valentine Wallace was previously associated with Lightning Labs and makes for a great add to a fast-growing and ambitious project.

The other high-profile addition to them is Jeffrey Czyz, a known Google alum. The firm explained via Twitter that the decision to bring them on board had to do with a desire to “grow the FOSS [free and open software] developer base.”

Further Additions to the Staff

Additionally, it was revealed that Square Crypto is still in the process of making additions to its staff, and is currently seeking a designer to join the team that former Google Product Director Steve Lee has put together.

“Speaking of the team, we are still looking for a very senior designer. This position is bigger than a single product, and will play a major role in formalizing how the world interacts with bitcoin,” the tweet read.

Sosman observed that “software engineering is far from the only realm people can make contributions to open-source projects in. Steve himself being a product manager is but one example.”

The firm also informed, via Twitter, that it still is in the process of deciding its next move, which would actually be its first project. “There’s no project we won’t consider, as long as it improves or proliferates bitcoin,” the enterprise wrote.

By Andres Chavez


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