Lawyers believe that blockchain technology cannot replace the unique criteria of a legal professional. In addition, they ensure that regulating some tools will help their adoption.

Blockchain technology has found multiple uses in different labor fields. In terms of exercising the law, blockchain has improved its methods and ways of managing and administering legal documents. In Spain, the adoption of these tools for judicial exercise has been increasing. However, some lawyers are worried about some changes that this technology has brought to their traditional and professional methods.

In this sense, the lawyers argued, during the V National Congress of Registrars, that new technologies should adapt to their ways of working, and not that lawyers should adapt to them. In addition, they were motivated to discuss possible ways to regulate this technology in legal terms.

The meeting of legal professionals, prosecutors and politicians, took place in the city of Seville, Spain, a few days ago, with the participation of more than 300 people. During the multiple interventions, the Spanish prosecutor Rafael Fernández announced his point of view by mentioning that “blockchain has to adapt to the jurists and not vice versa”, referring to blockchain, which increasingly has more participation in different legal processes and companies in the European country.

According to Fernández’s vision, this new technology can never completely replace the criteria of a professional. “Blockchain-based platforms will never replace a registrar, since the criteria of a professional is something essential”, he said.

Currently, certain blockchain platforms are used in some public registries in Spain. Fernández responds to this by clarifying that he is not against the use of this technology in the legal and registration field. However, he believes that there should always be an expert registrar who is responsible for the supervision of the activities conducted by the system.

The prosecutor also talks about this issue by highlighting that there are details in these blockchain platforms that prevent the proper functioning of a public registry, mentioning the example that it is sometimes difficult to verify who uploads the information to the platform.

In another sense, some lawyers believe that blockchain technology is a perfect platform to support their activities. Although blockchain technology will not replace the work of a lawyer, it could improve their working methods and ultimately expand their efficiency.

About these positions, one of the Corporate Social Responsibility Representatives, Sebastián del Rey, commented that blockchain technology is one of the best innovation options for the legal area. He mentioned, as an example, one of the most commented tourism projects due to its system is based on this technology, REGTURI.

The REGTURI tourism project will certify properties that can be used for tourism in some parts of the European country. The project is based on a blockchain platform developed mainly by the Association of Registrars of Spain and was shown, during a presentation event, as one of the most innovative tools for tourism in the region.

By María Rodríguez


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