The Canadian establishment has a processing capacity of 85 MW. It also has an evaporative cooling system and air filter to maintain the equipment.

The World Digital Mining Summit 2019, organized by Bitmain and held in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 9th and 10th, rewarded DMG as the best Bitcoin mining farm, as a result of a vote among the attending miners. The event gathered a total of 22 farms worldwide, most of them located in Canada.

The Canadian company DMG received the title of “The most loved mining farm among miners,” placing itself first in the top 10. It is an establishment with more than 10,000 Bitmain Antminer S9, A9 and T1 miners. The farm has an installed electrical capacity of 85 MW and 60 MW transformers, even offering up to 170 MW of power.

DMG has been operational since 2018 in the city of British Columbia. The farm has an evaporative cooling system with water walls, which allows the company to achieve savings in operating costs. Likewise, they claim to have air filters to reuse ambient air in winter. According to its administrators, the farm has a total of 20,000 miners available to connect this year.

Other Award-Winning Mining Farms

Besides DMG, nine other farms worldwide were selected as the best in 2019. MineBest, a company located in Kazakhstan, China, is among those with the highest processing capacity. The administrators claim to own three farms in that area with a capacity of 20 MW, 80 MW and 50 MW each. The company also plans to build a 200 MW city in view of the good weather conditions in Kazakhstan.

Coinsoon is one of the other farms located in Kazakhstan that was selected to form this top. The company currently has a processing capacity of 95WH, but it plans to have up to 250 MW in the future. Enegix is ​​the third farm from Kazakhstan awarded by the jury that offers a processing capacity of 30 MW and a cooling system that recycles the air in the area.

Canada scored three other mining farms in the top 10: GPU.One, CryptoStarCorp and Block One Technology. The GPU.One facility is located in the city of Eastern, offering a total of 35 MW of processing power with plans to reach 170 MW by 2020. Block One Technology and CryptoStar Corp respectively have a capacity of 8 MW and 15.5 MW for Bitcoin processing.

The US farm RRMine is also part of this select group with its more than 40 MW of processing capacity and a 100 MW substation. The company located its equipment in the city of Oregon, building a system of hot and cold aisles to keep them refrigerated. Iceland was also mentioned in the event with Etix, a mining farm with a capacity of 40 MW. The facilities have more than 25,000 Antminer S9 miners, which are kept refrigerated with filtered natural air.

Is the Highest Concentration of Bitcoin Hashrate in China?

The World Digital Mining Summit 2019 also revealed some data on the geographical distribution of Bitcoin’s processing power. According to OkKong researchers, 77% of Bitcoin hashrate is processed in China. Europe occupies the second place with the highest concentration of active miners, representing 11%. Miners in the United States represent 8%, with the remaining 4% belonging to mining farms in South America, Oceania and Africa.

Considering that two of the above-mentioned mining farms with the most processing power are in Kazakhstan, it makes sense that 77% of the Bitcoin hashrate is concentrated in China. Likewise, researchers at Princeton University and Florida have also denounced that Bitcoin mining might risk centralizing in China.

However, it is important to consider that this event has been organized by the ASIC manufacturing company, Bitmain. Consequently, it might not contemplate the participation in the network of other mining companies that do not use its equipment.

It should be noted that the world map of mining farms, displayed by the organizers of the congress, does not show districts of Venezuela, where cryptocurrency mining is conducted, not only for Bitcoin, even with government licenses for working in this sector.

By Willmen Blanco



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