The project is based on a platform created by Siemens using Alastria, from Ethereum.

The blockchain platform developed by Gnera and the Gas and power group of Siemens Spain will allow the energy sector a network in which it would be able to process transactions and conduct marketing. The private platform called e-ing3ni  @ does not have the participation of the Spanish government and will work directly with the sector.

The news was published through a press release issued by Siemens last month. There, it was specified that the central idea is to link energy producers with their consumers. Directly, this platform is aimed at the use of energy-producing plants from small to large scales, to subsidiary consumers, and to energy distributors.

In a recent interview offered by a representative of the company to a news web portal, it was announced that the platform is designed using the Alastria blockchain, built basically with Quorum of the Ethereum network.

According to the company’s representative, it is necessary to update the processes in order to lighten costs and accelerate the necessary work. In addition to this, on whether it is necessary to use this technology for the energy plan, it was mentioned that these platforms “allow giving confidence and transparency to the electricity market, in addition to allowing traceability of the origin of energy”.

About this movement, it was also specified that at this moment the world of energy is in a strong change, since “due to the decarbonization, democratization and digitalization of energy”, it is causing the sector to adapt to the consumer and the new Ways to generate energy.

How Will It Work?

The platform will offer an energy traceability service for users and producers. In this way, the consumer will be able to choose the origin of the energy that he wishes to acquire, just as the producer can select the energy that he wishes to sell; all of this done in a simple and secure platform.

It is known that in the middle of the current year, the system was tested through a pilot phase that concluded in a successful process. To this, it is added that the platform is already in operation, but nevertheless, it is not fully operational for users since it is in a commercialization stage to be used later by customers.

The company clarified that they are developing processes to publicize the benefits of the new platform for energy consumption and sales at present. Siemens did not offer details of the companies that will provide a support service for E-ing3ni @ or about any service necessary for it to be networked. Despite this, they dared to recommend some ways for interested users to acquire information about the tool.

The use of these technology platforms in the energy market is becoming increasingly common due to the fact that it can determine factors that were previously unknown to the customer as the origin of the energy. In addition to this, they provide a service that can be much cheaper, safer and more effective than the traditional.

By María Rodríguez


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