Multinational company, SAP has launched a new blockchain platform.

Recently, SAP launched a blockchain platform as a service, known as “SAP Leonardo Blockchain”, according to company reports on Wednesday, June 6th. The official statement indicated that the new service will support Hyperledger Fabric and MultiChain, and will be built on the “SAP HANA SAP” data management system.

The vice president of products and innovation, Gil Perez, explained that SAP will not
commit to a distributed accounting technology, because they intend to be more flexible
while the blockchain market varies and grows.

In the fall of last year, SAP integrated 27 members from industries that include: retail,
pharmaceutical, logistics, public services and telecommunications to their blockchain program, with the purpose of integrating the IoT (Internet of Things) technology with manufacturing and supply chain.
In spring, Microsoft and Amazon announced new advances in their blockchain
applications, Microsoft Azure released their blockchain service application and Amazon launched blockchain frames for ETH and Hyperledger Fabric.


by Samuel Paz


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