At the end of last year, it was reported that Opera would be releasing a “blockchain-ready” web browser that would have a built-in Ethereum wallet on Android, with the upgrade being present on the Google Play Store. The update was announced with Web 3 support included.

Now, this week, the widely known web browser has included the feature with which users will be able to acquire crypto assets in their Android devices. Opera had been announcing its intentions of experimenting with blockchain technology for the past three months.

And now, thanks to a strategic alliance with a Europe-based crypto exchange named Safello, people will be able to buy crypto form their Opera browser. Frank Schuil, currently serving as the CEO of the former praised the partnership.

“With Safello brokerage on the Opera mobile browser for Android, both new and experienced users can now easily transact cryptocurrencies in the most secure and fastest way possible. The functionality to purchase crypto is right at their fingertips.”

A Necessary Chain of Events

Opera announcements have the potential to encourage other tech companies to experiment with blockchain-related solutions, which would lead to more interest in crypto assets and higher levels of global adoption for Bitcoin and altcoins. Samsung, the Asian leading technology developer and equipment manufacturer, is said to be working on integrating native support for crypto assets and services.

South Korea’s biggest and most prominent company reportedly wants to integrate a crypto wallet, which could be led by Samsung Pay. The company, along with Opera, can fuel global Bitcoin adoption if the news turns out to be true.

The two firms represent large markets that can provide broad exposure to crypto-related products and services to mobile phone and browsers users. According to Charles Hamel, who currently works as Opera’s Product Lead for Crypto, “we think that the next important phase for crypto will come from usage and that for it to reach wider adoption, it has to be easy to buy and easy to use. We believe that the browser will be the entry point for these use cases.”

Bitcoin Investors Need Institutions to Get Involved

For investors and mainstream Bitcoin users, it is absolutely necessary that the society in general is familiarized with cryptocurrencies and everything they mean to the world’s financial landscape. They need recognized institutions, organizations, and even individuals to show a high level of involvement.

Regarding the attraction of institutional investors to the market, Dan Morehead (CEO of Pantera Capital) stated that ICE’s Bakkt, Fidelity, and ErisX could represent important developments on that front.

“Now we have firms like ICE’s Bakkt, Fidelity, or ErisX doing varying institutional custody and over the months, I think that will help bring institutions in. The one thing that is true though is institutions are like the rest of us. They’re pretty pro-cyclical and the big wave of institutional money will probably not start until the prices themselves start going up,” he observed.

By Andres Chavez


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