Using a system developed by the Flexa startup, instant payments can be made within the Mall of America

Mall of America, the biggest mall in the United States will now have a store that will accept payments with cryptocurrencies, using an application developed by one startup for instant payments with digital coins, called Flexa.

The shopping center located on the outskirts of Minneapolis – Minn, enabled a store where Flexa can demonstrate its product to visitors. It is known that the system will operate in a place under the name of Modern Retail Collective, which will seek as a central objective to improve sales to retail stores.

The strategic consulting company McKinsey will take control of the problems that may arise during operations, this in order to quickly resolve the conflicts and prevent customer escape. In addition, it will be responsible for organizing the space and the strategies to be used to improve sales with this system.

On the other hand, Tyler Spalding, who is CEO of Flexa, commented that the use of instant payment systems with cryptocurrency represents the latest in immediate payments, adding that it is part of the fastest and safest method to make purchases. “The most important thing for us is to demonstrate that cryptocurrency is an extremely legitimate, if not the best, form of digital payment”.

In this way, the CEO of Flexa argued that the project is a clear example of determination and will demonstrate that the crypto industry has the right potential to be adopted by customers and small and large merchants. “This is going to show the legitimacy of how these things work”.

Last Friday, September 27th, the company started operations inside the store. Added to this, it presented a report that determines that at the beginning of its operations it will seek to achieve objectives, which highlights that it shows to potential clients how this technology works in retail markets.

The Modern Rentail Collective report was accompanied by statements issued by Praveen Adhi, executive member of McKinsey, who added that “through this project, we will produce cutting-edge data and analysis to help retailers define their own vision for their store future”.

Flexa, since its recent creation, has encouraged its programmers to firmly believe that their system can gain the trust of customers and also promote the use of cryptocurrencies as a reliable method of payment and transaction.

For this reason, managers sought a direct alliance with McKinsey, because he could add to this system a strong reason to rely on their services, in addition to the guidance that the consultant can offer them so that their project grows over time.

It is known that the Flexa company will not only dedicate to the cryptocurrency business, but that it will seek to carry out parallel projects Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality and Digital Signage.

By María Rodríguez


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