The specialist that the US Space Agency is looking for must have an advanced academic level and experience related to blockchain technology management

NASA made public its job offer for experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The ideal candidate to occupy the job must have experience that proves his handling in new technologies.

According to official sources, the jobs will be located at the NASA section in Pasadera, California. Specialists in the crypto ecosystem will work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; a department responsible for improving the expulsion of energy for spacecrafts.

It is also known that the center is dedicated to the development of unmanned spacecrafts that are used by the US Space Agency to orbit satellites and space missions, so the intention is to deep in this and also in new projects.

The publication details the type of specialist that is required by the agency; giving special interest to scientists with good management of Internet of Things (IoT), data intelligence (Big Data), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and machine learning. The experts will perform tasks in the Laboratory specialized in robotics, a sub-department within the facilities in Pasadera.

Those responsible for technological employment will have the main task of developing apps that help facilitate processes and improve activities in specific areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, new generation flight hardware, and applied robotics.

Among the requirements demanded by the International Space Agency is a level of advanced university education and other similar skills. For this reason, the publication details that applicants must be graduated in Computing, Engineering, Information Systems or any other career of that area.

Participants should also be experts not only in cloud computing, but also in databases, advanced analytics, communication systems and statistics. For this reason, the applicant must possess advanced skills and management of mathematics as an indispensable resource.

In the statement, the agency mentions that the occupant of the workplace will use all the skills mentioned for programming systems that help analyze the set of heavy and complex data used, usually for research, predictive analysis, and data mining.

In this way, it is clear that NASA is taking into account the technological advance that blockchain represents. As an example of this, there is another project that is included within the agency, since earlier this year; it was proposed to use blockchain technology for the control of landing and air traffic through a private communications system, anonymous, and safe. This was also suggested by NASA.

In addition, in mid-2018, NASA approves the granting of a budget that would help develop a blockchain-based system capable of facilitating decision-making in autonomous spacecraft that are not managed by humans.

The innovation team of the US Space Agency ensures that they are developing increasingly ambitious ideas and projects where blockchain technology can participate in large scales. These new projects will always seek to inspire future generations to continue with the scientific legacy that NASA has instilled in young people.

By María Rodríguez


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