This exchange house allows users to generate profits with cryptoactives, while still investing in traditional assets. Many cryptocurrencies are accepted as a guarantee, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ether and Litecoin

Pandora offers to cryptocurrency owners a direct access to foreign exchange, stocks and a variety of other asset classes. In this way, the exchange house gives to cryptoactive owners better options to invest their digital money.

Gavin Smith, Pandora’s CEO, gave some details:

“This is only the first step in our ultimate goal of dissolving the distinction between fiat and cryptocurrencies, when we talk about financial opportunities. Looking ahead, we will continue providing more and more options for cryptoactive holders. Everything we do, in all fields, is aimed at that goal”.

Economists and experts in cryptocurrencies, affirm there is a solid base on the prices of cryptocurrency, despite the rise and fall in its value during 2018. For this reason, more and more people want to save and buy cryptocurrencies.

Pandora allows anyone, anywhere, to use their cryptocurrency assets to generate a financial return. This organization puts cryptocurrencies on a par with fiat money and it also keeps the holders of assets in control by providing direct access to the main financial markets using cryptocurrency as guarantee. Since 2014, when the exchange house was founded, Pandoras’ aim to provide cryptocurrency owners the same opportunities that fiduciary holders have to generate income from their assets. At that time, its name was “First Global Credit”. With a relevant experience in traditional technology and cryptocurrency markets, Pandoras’ co-founders brought their first service to the market: actions supported by cryptoactives, followed shortly by AICoin, which uses AI itself to trade in the cryptocurrency markets. The company’s development team continues creating new products and services that will offer advantages to its customers. It includes the public launch of Pandora Crypto I, a hedge fund focused on cryptocurrencies that has been successfully engaging with proprietary assets for more than a year. This and other services were designed to give holders of cryptoactives more opportunities.

Knowing the Exchange House

With more than 12,000 customers in 35 countries, Panxora is the partner of the cryptographic community to meet financial goals and put cryptoactives to work.

Pandora’s co-founders have important careers in some of the most successful private financial companies in the world. They have successfully provided an uninterrupted service to the cryptographic space since 2014. Its main objective is to give cryptocurrency holders the same freedom to seek financial opportunities as those of traditional foreign holders.

By María Rodríguez


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