John McAffee, the widely known programmer, entrepreneur, and businessman reiterated this last Thursday that he will use his “right to run” for the United States of America presidency with the intention of promoting cryptocurrencies to a bigger audience, but that under no circumstances he wants to actually occupy the position.

In an interview with specialized site Cointelegraph from the Malta Blockchain Summit, the visionary made clear that he wants to use a broader platform to promote the crypto and blockchain universes, but that “no one” in his/her right mind would elect him to be The United States of America’s leader.

The next US presidential elections are currently scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, and McAfee wants to promote permissionless cryptocurrencies, running a “libertarian platform” and take advantage of enhanced exposure and discuss digital assets, knowing that no one would actually elect him to be Donald Trump’s successor.

McAfee, who achieved worldwide fame for founding the McAfee Antivirus Software, has long been one of the crypto’s most fervent defenders. He states that cryptocurrencies will help people achieve personal freedom.

“I couldn’t be President!”

His full quote about wanting to run for the presidency, but not to win, reads the following: “Crypto is all I’m going to talk about. See, I don’t want to be president. I couldn’t be…no one’s going to elect me president, please God. However, I’ve got the right to run.”

The crypto enthusiast has been talking about his intentions since June 2018, so his remarks come as no surprise. In the same vein, when consulted about the prediction he made last year that Bitcoin would reach $1 million by the time the 2020 elections come.

It is noteworthy; however, that McAffee adds that the aforementioned $1 million will not be the same of today, since following his logic, fiat currencies will migrate to crypto platforms. In fact, he said in Malta that fiat will be “on its last legs” by 2023.

It is also important to note that the 2020 elections will not be the first ones that McAfee participates in, keeping in mind that he already sought the Libertarian Party nomination in the 2016 process, losing to New Mexico’s Governor Gary Johnson. At the time, the businessman confessed to not being too connected with the crypto community, but now, the scenario is different.

McAfee’s presence in the Malta Blockchain Summit was not expected until tomorrow, the day for which his conference was scheduled. The controversial crypto personality criticized the Maltese government’s plans to introduce facial recognition for public safety.

The innovator told Lovin Malta that facial recognition is a very positive feature, so long as it is implemented with the intention of “empower individuals. But if it’s used to follow people wherever they go, that’s not cool with me, and that has nothing to do with Blockchain”.

A Little More About John McAfee

John McAfee, born in Scotland 73 years ago, is a computer programmer and businessman known for playing a major role in the foundation of the software company McAfee Associates in 1987. He presented his resignation in 1994.

He is a political activist with interests in smartphone apps, cryptocurrency, yoga, and all-natural antibiotics.

By Andres Chavez


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