The book was presented at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of La Plata by three of its professors. They believe that it is a first approach to the teaching of cryptocurrency technology in the academia.

At a meeting of accountants held at the National University of La Plata on Wednesday, November 13th, the role of the accounting profession was discussed in the face of new technologies. Within that framework, the book whose title translates as Introduction to Cryptocurrencies was presented by its author’s ACCT. Ana María Buzzi, B.A. Mario E. Cittadini, and ACCT. Máximo De Oliveira.

It should be noted that these professionals perform teaching duties in this important educational center. In addition, they took the opportunity to talk about the main cryptocurrency Bitcoin, as well as several general concepts that should be considered by the accountants and students present, regarding this technology.

The experts explained the positions of several Nobel Prize winners in economics on the impact of Bitcoin, while reflecting on the possibilities and the new paradigm of decentralized economies.

Among other details that the authors made known about the book, they explained that it arose as a result of a ransomware attack that encrypted the data of the study where they worked and for which the cybercriminal requested a ransom in Bitcoin. Following that event, they proceeded to investigate the subject and eventually produced this academic work. In addition, they stressed that it is impossible not to teach about cryptocurrencies in the Faculty of Economic Sciences of this university.

The authors explained that the intellectual work, which covers basic concepts of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICO (Initial Currency Offering), is an excellent way to give graduated students and accountants a first approximation of this technology. The book does not attempt to touch on technical issues in-depth but rather explain technology from the perspective of these three professors of the faculty.

Mr. Mario Cittadini said that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and believe that the book provides preliminary preparation for the subject. However, he said that the different chairs of the degree program will work together to deepen the issue due to its complexity. The considerations on audits in a blockchain for the accountant’s profession were presented by professors ACCT Carlos A. Rumitti and B.A. Raúl E. Champredonde.

First Academic Work on Cryptocurrencies in La Plata

The author Máximo De Oliveira noted that it was a great challenge to write the book Introduction to Cryptocurrencies, since it presented them with a totally different way of approaching finances from the one to which they were accustomed. In addition, he believes that technology will continue to evolve and that the text was an exciting discovery, of which only the first steps are being taken.

In this city, the Crypto La Plata community conducts cryptocurrency teaching activities and there is a Research Laboratory –UTN Blockchain Lab– at the National Technological University, in which various events on blockchain technology have been held. However, this has been the first academic work in the capital of Buenos Aires that culminates with the publication of an educational book.

By Willmen Blanco


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