The new browser that IBM hopes to launch on the web will allow users to keep their data stored in a blockchain system and away from sharing it with companies and third parties

Currently, blockchain technology has managed to penetrate many sectors of society, especially in finance, thus promoting the ideal environment for the development of cryptocurrencies. However, this technology has made a difference in other aspects that are very important in sectors where information management is vital or in places where security must be improved when transmitting valuable data.

Little by little, this technology is taking a presence in previously unthinkable sectors. Blockchain has become something of important relevance in the support and management of medical records in the health sector, the improvement of information of outstanding students. Additionally, this technology is a great help to benefit the sustenance of education in vulnerable countries and it brings support to a payment platform for public and private transport in some countries.

Although this technology has brought many benefits in some sectors of the new industrial era, it has also been used for illicit purposes. It is for this reason that many large companies have dedicated themselves to improving their safety by investigating blockchain fortification.

For this reason, some companies that handle large flows of information due to their orientation towards technology have focused on researching and adopting these new advances.

Recently, the multinational technology company IBM announced that it has registered a patent related to a browser that will be powered using blockchain technology. This, according to the publication about the subject, will allow users of this browser to keep the data shared on the web in safekeeping. Therefore, blockchain would increase the protection of personal information on the Internet.

It is known that this new browser will have characteristics very similar to other blockchain management systems, that is, that it will have the Peer to Peer (P2P) network system, which will help the user to protect their information by generating data that will be transferred to their partners within a blockchain network intended for this browser. In this way, the data will be placed and confirmed within a specific block, this without the need for a centralized system that handles all the information.

According to information provided by the development team, using this browser will improve the privacy of users within a decentralized system which is directly protected by blockchain technology. This system does not need to be controlled by any company. It will improve the safety of those who use this tool.

According to the application for patent registration in theUnited States Patent and Trademark Office, it is explained that the new tool will keep all user information safe from third parties. “The present invention provides a system for storing navigation information so that privacy is preserved and placed in the hands of a user rather than in the hands of a third party”, it says.

By María Rodríguez


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