This blockchain platform will allow having rapid access to data within the network, as well as facilitating the development of applications

According to recent data, the University of Alicante Foundation (Fundeun) will put into operation a project called BlockchainIND4.0, which has been approved by the AVI (Valencian Innovation Agency). The objective is to quickly promote the development of the application system within the network using BlockchainFUE, a public information storage network that is supported by the University of Alicante and its BAES Research group.

The Director of the Blockchain Lab BAES Interuniversity, María del Carmen Pastor Sempere commented, in a recent interview, that in the tests performed to stabilize the operation of the network, some defined parameters were established for each node, explaining its functionality. “Four validator nodes, two boot nodes and four client nodes with client API will be used. Once the tests are finished, the boot and client validator nodes will be expanded with all the foundations”, she said.

Pastor Sempere also talked about the companies that will be responsible for administering each node, so she explained that only foundations that have a data processing capacity will be in operation. These institutions will comply with all the requirements necessary to establish consistent security and required stability.

“Otherwise, they will be provided with a node hosted in one of the chosen data centers. The management of the nodes follows the same principle. The organization will have a security and management team available to foundations that need it”, she explained.

The Director talked about another aspect of the project. She talked about the main characteristics of this new network of blockchainIND4.0 and mentioned that “Blockchain BigchainDB 2.0 is configured to be able to keep arbitrarily large records”. In this way, users will have large storage capacity and large data processing.

Easy Access to Programming Interface

Among other details, it was explained that the system will have an Application Programming Interface (API), this will give access to the data and to the mechanisms that will give rise to compliance with the GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulation).

It should be noted that the plan is in perfect capacity to keep the nodes updated in speed and capacity so that the project has the necessary support to its characteristics, in terms of security and range of operations.

Among the main benefits that this network will have for companies that manage similar platforms is that this tool will allow easy access to the different programming interfaces that allow creating applications within the network and adapt the existing ones. Also, the main function of this platform is to provide quick access to the different indexed data, as well as to store records in JSON formats and cryptocurrency functions.

This new network will facilitate the Spanish application industries related to these fields and those focused on information networks and cryptocurrencies to improve the times for the development of blockchain tools. Among many other functions that will gradually be explored and expanded.

By María Rodríguez


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