Cryptocapital analysts pointed out that the “worst is yet to come” in the crypto market and that we still “have not reached” a new floor.

In the latest Cryptocapital program of Capital Radio, hosted by Sergio Fernández (@Sergio_fdez_7), crypto analysts agreed that, after the Merger, traditional investors will enter, since they seek to know the leaders’ past, present, and future results, and will eventually provide more exposure to Bitcoin, since “in the end, everything attracts BTC”.

Last week, Bitcoin has had a bearish behavior, going from 22,645 to 18,790 dollars, a drop of up to 6.5% in just 24 hours, according to CoinMaketCap. BeInCrypto’s latest analysis revealed that, for the third time, two major moving averages made a bearish intersection in BTC; however, the prediction approaches the price of the cryptocurrency at $41,100, which would be reached on August 14, 2023.

The panel of specialists of the Capital Radio crypto talk show on September 16 was made up of:

Baldomera Crypto (@BaldomeraCrypto).

WallStreet Rata (@WallStreetRata).

Maik_Crypto (@maikelsani).

Lloren (@llorenbtc).

Microondas (@MicroondasLGBT).

The Host’s Preliminary Thoughts

The Cryptocapital host of Capital Radio, Sergio Fernández (@Sergio_fdez_7) opened the debate like this:

“Many people waited for this moment. It is a historic event and how it will affect the market, perhaps not in the short term, but in the coming months. The Merge is a positive change. Pollution will be reduced more than 90%. Vitalik himself said that global pollution would fall 0.2% after The Fusion. There are people who say that ETH is good for Bitcoin, it will increase its differences and there are others who believe the opposite, that it will resemble BTC”.

After the Ethereum Meltdown, its price has only dropped and has had a more severe drop than Bitcoin, going from $1,739 to $1,298, which is equivalent to a 10.65% crash, according to CoinMarketCap. However, his update piqued the interest of Grayscale, who filed a distribution rights statement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on Ethereum PoW tokens.

The Guests’ Opinions

In this regard, the Cryptocapital guest panel emphasized that Ethereum will have great growth in the medium term:

“People want to know how much Ethereum will go since they bought it at $4,000. Ethereum could reach $8,000 to $10,000 in one to four years, but it will come. It won’t give another project time to beat it in that time. In 4 or 5 years, ETH will be very strong. Things would have to go very bad to stay behind. Ethereum is behaving like a company. In the end, everything is attracted to Bitcoin and we will not see BTC at these levels again.”

According to the experts invited to Cryptocapital, the “crypto winter” or bear market is far from over, that is, “we have not yet reached the true ground”; however, BTC and ETH will survive, despite the fact that they are different: the first is the favorite cryptocurrency of companies, and traders; the second, the darling project of developers and with a growing community.

The Cryptocapital panel pointed out that Ethereum is far from achieving a capitalization close to that of Bitcoin, although they admitted that if BTC were to lose its position one day, Ethereum would take it or other projects that are born in the future and have “giant potential.”

Finally, the Cryptocapital host stated that the outlook is one of uncertainty, since each time the crypto market “is worse.”

By Audy Castaneda


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