Only 3 of the 1,016 offices in the Croatian territory are able to provide the cryptocurrency exchange service, as part of their pilot plan to boost tourism and commercial projects

According to a statement issued by the Croatian Post, it was announced that the country plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange system throughout the territory. The objective is to promote a new period of developments of new technology in tourism in that region.

As it is well known, in some parts of the world the mail services offer foreigners who do tourism some banking services. This is in order to facilitate some procedures and bring benefits to users. In this case, the Croatian Post seeks to attract the attention of tourists that dabble in new financial technologies.

As part of a pilot plan, and thinking how will be the entire exchange system, the Post Office of Croatiaenabled three of its post offices in the small coastal city of Zadar. The idea is to benefit tourists who want to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money. It is important to highlight that Zadar is one of the cities with the greatest tourist attraction in Croatia.

Referring to this pilot plan, representatives of the Post Office of Croatia commented that they are making a pilot test that will not only evaluate the operation of the exchange system, but will also take into account the participation of people and the amount of money that would be handled. They mentioned that if the pilot plan is a success, they would evaluate the inauguration of several exchange houses throughout the territory and, mainly, in areas of high demand for tourists and merchants.

The official announcement explains the importance that the country gives to the project and that this idea could be an effective alternative to improve tourism attractiveness and its forms of financing, due to the fact that some companies are investing in cryptocurrencies and are interested in territories where they can exploit them.

“Over the past two years, cryptocurrencies have developed a greater network of users, and Croatia will surely contribute to its popularity with its network of 1,016 post offices. Digitization is one of the development strategies of the Croatian Postand a driver of numerous business projects. Once entering the cryptocurrency market, the Croatian Post confirms its position as one of the leaders in digital transformation”.

This pilot plan that has been conducted in Croatia will allow all users to exchange fiat currency for any of these cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ether, Stellar, XRP and EOS. Users can also make the change in reverse, from fiat money to cryptocurrencies, accepting from dollars to Croatian money.

It should also be noted that this technological improvement project for the tourism sector in Croatia is possible due to the collaboration with theElectrocoin company (a cryptocurrency brokerage company based in Zagreb), which supported the pilot system, as well as some stockbrokers and some payment companies, which have been operating in the country for about five years and now support projects of this nature.

By María Rodríguez


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