The measure would make Apple accept payments outside the platform in its apps. Enthusiasts noted that this measure could benefit cryptocurrencies if they get listed as a means of paying for products and services.

The case in courts of the game developer Epic against Apple has reached a new stage, just after the responsible judge ruled that the latter must forbid the link of third-party payment gateways in all applications marketed through its store online.

This decision was Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ idea, who explained that it is no longer mandatory for developers to run only Apple’s payment system in their applications.

This decision would turn down a monopoly the technology company had been leading on the capital that flows through the applications of its network.

Previously, the developers of the active applications on iOS had to pay Apple a part of the income from every one of the purchases/subscriptions made through the apps. This situation happened because the company had stopped them from linking payment services belonging to third parties.

In this way, the company enabled the only payment channel available for this kind of purpose. The strategy suddenly generated a profit of up to 30% for each successful operation.

The Controversy Regarding Epic and Apple

This measure responds directly to the dispute that Epic Games and Apple have in court. The game developer company filed an antitrust lawsuit against the latter for the reasons explained before.

This lawsuit became much more relevant when the technology company removed Fornite, the popular BattleRoyale that works on various popular platforms, from its application store after discovering that they generated income through other channels.

As such, the trial is still on its course, and the court order would take effect within the next 90 days, leaving Apple the possibility to appeal the corresponding ruling.

This Dispute Would Benefit Crypto

While the measure represents a victory for iOS application development teams and payment gateway operators, analysts and enthusiasts of both companies highlight that this would mean great chances for cryptocurrencies.

 Apple has been using, until now, secret strategies that do not allow users to seal payments with cryptocurrencies to acquire products and services in its online store. If the measure overturns this ban, digital currencies could start flowing through the operating app on iOS.

This situation would open new chances for all those interested users who make their operations with devices linked to the company.

In this regard, the CEO of Uniswap Labs, Hayden Adams, hinted that perhaps this situation could be an announcement that boosts the price of the first cryptocurrencies.

Users then have to wait and see how the case develops. It means they have to wait for the measure to become effective in case Apple does not win an appeal.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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