China and France will build the first ecological tower powered by Blockchain facing the economic conflict surrounding the United States and China, and the effects on some of the most important Chinese technology companies on American soil. The Asian country is looking for new economic options, in terms of relations with France, and seem to follow a different course. The three joint objectives that both nations have established in order to address issues such as climate change, sustainable development at the level of urban infrastructure and water security.

For some of the biggest investors in the tech field, blockchain technology is synonymous with decentralization and transparency and, following this mindset, the French companies XTU Architects, a relevant architectural firm in the region, and Systematic Company, have partnered with a Chinese developer, Truffle Engineering, for building an ‘ecological’ skyscraper which will be supervised by a blockchain network. According to a Forbes report, the project has been named FrenchDreamTowers, and represents a fusion between Chinese history, culture and nature. The project consists of four interconnected towers, which design will lead rainwater to special storage-designed depressions in the ground and the roof of the building.

Anouk Legendre, co-founder of XTU Architects, assured that the elements arranged in the towers will optimize its energy consumption. He also stated that the space between the glass panels in the building will be used as a greenhouse for bioreactive crops. According to the plans of the French firm, microalgaes will be incorporated in the towers in order to help clean the polluted air of the exterior and the rainwater before it evaporates. As previously said, these plants will be cultivated among the windows with the objective of regulating the temperature of the buildings.

Truffle Engineering, the Hangzhou-based company, will be responsible for developing the blockchain network that will manage the air quality, energy storage and other ecological systems created from the interaction between the four towers. These structures will function as residential centers, but will also include restaurants, art galleries and technology centers. Undoubtedly, this is an ambitious process that once again has blockchain, and its management and decentralization properties as one of its protagonists.


by Samuel Larreal


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