The platform allows registering scores of music, videos, articles, essays, and images. Ten million digital works have been registered a day on the network, says Ant Group.

Ant Group, the financial subsidiary of one of the world’s largest trading companies, Alibaba, this week introduced its new copyright service for content creators in China.

The app will allow the recording of music scores, videos, images, articles, and even essays to protect the intellectual property of its creators, as described when it was patented in the middle of the year.

This service will work thanks to the blockchain network of the Alibaba conglomerate, known as AntChain, which launched its software and hardware months ago.

In the recent statement, Ant Group notes that its platform is helpful when it comes to verify and protect the copyright of all work registered in its database. Users only have to upload their content to the network, which gets evaluated to confirm that it is the only one of its kind within the AntChain archives.

If so, the platform generates an intellectual property certificate with the basic information that the registered work contains. The idea is to generate a kind of digitized notarial seal; this can then be used as evidence before the courts. “(The certificate) can be presented as evidence in cases of copyright infringement or torts,” the document specifies.

AntChain is already in the music industry

In addition to all this, the platform will provide services to monitor possible infringements of the copyright of its users, making it easier to find and identify plagiarism. AntChain also offers a smart contract function to record the income of the author and the distributors, thus accounting for how much each one has. This is one of the services provided to the company Shanghai C.C. Music Co. Ltd, one of the leading music sheets and music copyright distribution networks in China.

The company became one of the first Ant Group partners to develop this project, eventually testing the platform during its trial period. Currently, both companies continue to work together for this service, accounting for more than 10 million original works registered per day on their digital network.

In 2020, the Alibaba Company and its branches became one of the multinationals with the largest number of patents related to blockchain. The company enjoys enormous prestige with its payment service, Alipay, which is the most widely used in China. Everything indicates that the giant of commerce and digital payments also wants to venture into the blockchain ecosystem and that a large part of its bet is in the variety of services it can offer with AntChain.

By: Jenson Nuñez.


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