The study program is aimed at Ph.D. students of the Federal University of Paraná in Brazil.

The Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) reported, through a statement, that it joined the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) to conduct in-depth research on blockchain technology. The alliance is aimed at encouraging academic research to the different capital markets and promoting their innovation.

The initiative hopes to impart topics ranging from blockchain technology and digital currencies to the study of investment robots and new ways and methods of using technology in finance.

According to data that the CVM provided, the academic program is aimed at postgraduate students or those who participate in doctoral studies. The Innovation and Competitiveness Research Group of the Department of General and Applied Administration (GPITEC) at UFPR will provide the studies in these areas.

Bruno Luna, Head of economic analysis and risk management advisory at the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), explained that this high-level academic program will be adjusted to the current laws of Brazil, as well as the legislation and supervision of other countries in the world. This program will help graduates to understand the different legal, normative, and regulatory parameters of technology applied to finance.

Luna comments that these studies can lead the specialist to have the necessary capacities to handle data related to these technologies as well as in any other related research work.

“Ponte de Inovação facilitated and streamlined the interaction between the two institutions. We observed that the two could win by joining efforts in actions of interest together. The realization of this agreement will be very beneficial for everyone and, even more, for the market”, Luna said.

The expert also added: “We will help to form the research of the doctoral student, who will conduct this work, in addition to providing the greatest support in the prospecting of quantitative data and in the field research that may be necessary”.

Some of the research points that the academic plan hopes to develop are Blockchain and Cryptoactive Technology, Fintechs, Regulatory Impact Analysis, Traditional Financial Products, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and New Finance Techniques.

On the other hand, Marcelo Barbosa, President of CVM, stressed that these studies help improve the relationship between state entities with the higher education academy. Besides, this project allows us to generate advanced studies on technological topics that could be useful for the country’s institutions in the future.

Barbosa also assured that this type of study could promote important changes in the current regulatory apparatus in Brazil. “The agreement will also address innovation, another topic of great interest to us and that can lead to actions with a positive impact on the sector, as well as reflect on our regulatory performance and policymaking in general. It is stimulating to have more than one university willing to promote and spread this knowledge”.

Representatives of the UFRP Postgraduate Department also commented that the program represents an important advance for the advanced study sector in the country. This is also another opportunity to strengthen the adoption of blockchain technology.

By María Rodríguez


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