Bitso users can donate with cryptocurrencies using their digital wallets or through the digital platform.

A donation system in Mexico will receive bitcoins (BTC) as a contribution to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The donation fund seeks to help families affected by the coronavirus outbreak, especially in the most vulnerable sectors of the Aztec country.

A local media reported that the project arises thanks to the collaboration of the crypto exchange platform Bitso with the renowned organization Donadora. Following the idea of ​​raising funds, the organization created the tag #Dona1DespensaChallenge on social networks. The intention is to call all those who can donate any of the cryptocurrencies that they enabled for the donation.

The donation system accepts the most used cryptocurrencies in Mexico, such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple, as well as users of Bitso in Mexico can make their donation in the local fiat currency. The main objective of the campaign is focused on the purchase of basic food and necessities to distribute it to the neediest people in Mexico.

Regarding the donation system, this platform of Bitso enabled a tab on its official website to conduct the donation. Besides, customers can donate using the users’ digital wallets.

Bitso published a statement where it explains in detail how to donate. In these instructions, Bitso indicates that to donate on the web platform, the user must register. Then, the user will fund the money in the account and conduct the operation. According to this method, the company recalled that this operation is free of commissions or extra charges.

To donate the user’s portfolio, the platform assured that users will only have to scan a QR code that appears on the platform’s website and automatically transfer the funds.

On its website, Bitso explained that the proceeds will allow buying food. After that, the Food Bank of Mexico will distribute the contribution. “All proceeds will go to the purchase of food pantries for the people most affected by COVID-19 and will be delivered by the Food Bank of Mexico and its 55 banks distributed around the Republic. You can donate from USD 150.00 MXN to support a family”.

The initiative will remain active until May 31st. The exchange platform will also make an important donation since, for each peso raised, the company will donate 50 % of the money back.

On the other hand, the non-profit organization Donadora detailed, in its latest report, that it has managed to serve more than 7,000 affected families to date. Donadora hopes these numbers to increase next June with the funds raised in the campaign.

To conclude, Donadora hopes to raise around USD 311,893.89. Currently, the company has collected 22% of the goal, with a total of USD 70,269.61.

Until now, Mexico has been one of the Latin American countries that have been most affected by the pandemic, accumulating around 38,000 confirmed cases and 3,926 people who died because of the disease.

By María Rodríguez


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