Kraken, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, will be adding 67 hires to the company despite the health crisis.

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused more than 3.3 million people to apply for unemployment benefits in the United States of America. Also, in mid-March, Bank of America stated that the US economy fell into recession, as a result of the fall in financial activities. But the situation with the disease that emerged in China has not affected the generation of blockchain jobs. It is the opposite. Blockchain jobs are on the rise.

Governments around the world know that the Covid-19 crisis could generate a global recession since the main effect of any pandemic is to interrupt international supply chains and, this way, affect the global economy.

More and more governments are trying to prevent more people from getting sick by ordering the population to remain in their homes. Quarantine is the strategy, whilst scientists are looking for an effective vaccine.

The truth is that to avoid the highly contagious virus, many people have left their jobs. But those who work online or participate in blockchain projects have the time to continue doing so at home. Blockchain demonstrates it is an option and a current alternative.

Blockchain Platforms to Face the Crisis

Despite the global economic crisis that economists around the world are calculating, there is a sector that has managed to stay afloat. Blockchain jobs have survived and shown they can offer more to solve different problems.

During this Covid-19 crisis, even the World Health Organization (WHO), IBM, and Oracle use a blockchain platform to handle data related to the disease. These organizations are working on a center to check the official information.

Almost 51.498 people have died whilst 1.002.285 got Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University. This information, and the number of cases per country, are the figures that the WHO wants to preserve through a blockchain platform.

Besides, Cure Coin and Banano announced they would provide a reward for those miners who offer computing capacity to allow scientists to calculate results. Cure Coin and Banano are two initiatives dedicated to providing computer support for cryptocurrency mining.

Job Opportunities

Now, there is another blockchain project not directly related to helping find a vaccine. This idea seeks to generate job offers. Kraken, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, plans to expand its workforce by 10 % despite the crisis.

According to a recent report published in a local media, the team counts 800 members and will be adding 67 hires to the company over the coming weeks. In this way, the exchange shows it is looking for people focused on blockchain technology.

Another example of the increase in blockchain jobs is, where job ads related to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) have increased by 3% since December. Furthermore, there have been no significant reductions in the workforce of any crypto company.

Blockchain technology is useful in different sectors and creates a broader field of work, just having an Internet connection. Nowadays, this is a fundamental quality that makes the difference and will economically protect those who work with blockchain during the health emergency.

Tyler Winklevoss, Co-founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, said on Twitter that Bitcoin is the “only vaccine in the world that can give you immunity to the money printing disease”. Now, blockchain appears to be one of the vaccines that prevent further job losses and help to establish new aid mechanisms to face difficulties hand in hand with technology.

By María Rodríguez


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