The new tool can now be used to receive payments through Twitter, Reddit, and Slack users

The main representatives of the SendCrypto bot application announced, last Monday, March 18th, that they can send and receive a digital tip now. This is possible through the launching of the beta version of their Telegram application, which may be compatible with social networks such as Twitter, Reddit, and Slack.

One of the objectives that the powerful tool of SendCrypto is developing for its growth is to expand the access of this application to other social networks. The idea is to make the community bigger. The compatibility is recently active for users who publish content with the aim of generating income.

SendCrypto is a bot which is responsible for making payments and transfers through a system of sending “person to person” (P2P), without requiring any type of intermediaries for transactions. Developed by Myke Ryan, SendCrypto uses the Request Network technology platform.

The new tool that SendCrypto has installed to the bot with its new beta version will make possible now that any user of Twitter, Reddit, Slack, and Telegram can send and receive ethers and ERC-20 tokens, which will arrive directly at the addresses of these users. These shipments can be collected instantaneously by omitting the use of centralized platforms to remove or deposit cryptoactives.

According to the official statement about the launching of the new tool, 11 different types of cryptocurrencies will be accepted to send and receive tips through social networks. This is in order to multiply the variety and traffic of assets. The tokens enabled for this platform are ERC-20 of the technological platform of DAI, Omisego, Binance and Kyber Network.

The official data SendCrypto announced about the project and its new beta version, to integrate the use of this tool in social networks, explains that in order to perform the operation, users who want to make the donation, tip or simply must pay to receive a content, enter a specific series of commands on Slack or Telegram, or mention SendCrypto on Twitter or Reddit, specifying the amount they want to give the user.

Recently, these applications have become very popular around the world. They allow users to make this type of payment for social networks and it is directed to those who are dedicated to creating content as a source of income.

These exchanges have become popular for their simple ways of using applications and for the immediacy of transactions. Most of these micro-payment applications make movements or are compatible with most of the cryptocurrencies of the market, and they also encourage having assets in digital platforms, either for use as a private commercial tool or for savings in cryptoactives.

Another application that performs this type of commercial transactions with cryptocurrencies is, a purse created by the Lightning Network (LN) platform in order to allow users of some social networks to receive payments from their followers. According to a recent study, this platform managed to have more than 14 thousand registered users in the world.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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