2gether, a financial platform specialized in cryptocurrency trading that operates in 22 countries in Europe, launches its 2GT token in the international market.

2gether will release a Finance protocol that will allow users from any country can buy the token by exchanging Ethers for 2GT at a starting price of 5 cents. The proposal is of 10 million 2GT (about 500,000 euros) and will set its arrangement for seven days. The token will be available through the decentralized Bounce.

Ramón Ferraz, CEO of 2gether, explains that the rise of cryptocurrencies has made 2gether hit its historical record in recent months. In January, it reached 37 million euros in cryptocurrency operations as well as in balances. This event brought a positive balance on 2GT in the app, running 83% from December to January.

2GT could only work from the 2gether app, where there has been a purchase of more than 27 million 2GTs in the last three years. The token brings the Founder Plus software, with different levels and other advanced features for users to enjoy with 2GT in the app.

Users can prescribe a bonus for sections that will apply its effect until the token appears in Uniswap. All members of the 2gether community have the same operating conditions. 50% of the Ethers (ETH) earned in the Bounce campaign will find a spot in the ETH / 2GT pool on Uniswap in March.

Users will now be Able to Issue their 2GT to External Wallets

Every user can buy and betray 2GT and/or put solvency in the pool gaining 0.3% of profitability. From the 2gether app, users will be able to issue their 2GT to external wallets or deposit them. Since the value of the 2GT token relates to the initial value it also has in Uniswap, there will be no possibility of arbitration.

The 2GT token is an ERC-20 token that alleges the utility token nature. Its usefulness is a secret for tokenized models’ success, and then the 2GT will continuously be expanding. The company launched its token on its platform in February 2018 for several purposes:

Promote the creation of new tokenized economies, providing the necessary incentives for their expansion. Distribute the thesis’s value in the form of rewards among users who are considered, in turn, Founders of the thesis.

Run the company’s relationship dummy with its users, allowing Founders to work with cryptocurrencies without commissions and benefit from the rest of the Founder Plus Software’s advantages.

During this year, due to the trauma the pandemic caused, the company dared to multiply users by 5, reaching 80,000 active users under its platform.

In this sense, the growth engine of 2gether has always been the Founders themselves (those users who have more than € 10 in 2GT), inviting new users through the referral software and capturing value within the community itself.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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