Worldcoin has closed another notable week with several news and developments that could influence its value and future adoption, from its price stability, to its international expansion and technological innovations.

This week, Worldcoin experienced notable stability in its price, closing at $5.66 with a flat trend. In this period, the cryptocurrency reached a low of $5.25 and a high of $6.38, while its market capitalization has reached $1,191 million. This has placed it in 69th place in the CoinMarketCap ranking, while in terms of trading volume it is in 21st place.

Expansion in Peru

This week, Worldcoin was launched in Peru, where it has begun performing biometric verifications. This expansion is part of a broader effort by the company to increase its presence in Latin America, where there is a potentially large market for its digital identification technologies.

This initiative has been well received in the local market, where users have shown growing interest in technologies that promote financial inclusion through innovative solutions. The acceptance of Worldcoin in Peru could be indicative of its future adoption in other similar markets, marking a possible turning point in the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies based on biometric identification.

Worldcoin’s Associated Risks

Despite the potential benefits of Worldcoin, it is not without risks. There are serious doubts among regulators about the danger that this project represents for people’s privacy.

One scenario contemplates the possibility that if a company has negative purposes with data collection, then there will be no way for users to be freed from this technology. Unlike residency documents and others, the iris is something that cannot be changed if the person simply decides to withdraw from the project.

Apparently, the company’s privacy policies indicate that the data is immediately deleted from the Orb once the person is verified. The PoP is then transferred to the blockchain where the company does not have access. However, this process is not free of flaws or hacking.

Developments and Opportunities

Recently, an article describes how users can earn WLD tokens using the World App. This is an application that allows users to receive rewards for participating in activities that help validate and secure the network, thus promoting a more active and participatory ecosystem.

The future of Worldcoin looks promising, with plans for innovations and developments that include improvements to its blockchain’s security, as well as the expansion of its infrastructure, whose aim is to support a greater number of transactions and decentralized applications.

Getting to know the developers behind Worldcoin also provides deeper insight into the cryptocurrency. The team is made up of experts in various areas of technology and finance, with the mission of making Worldcoin an essential tool in the global digital economy.

Based on the above, it can be stated that the adoption of Worldcoin in the real world is increasing, with various use cases in which both companies and individuals have begun to use this cryptocurrency for digital transactions and services. This demonstrates a growing acceptance of Worldcoin in commercial and personal settings.

By Audy Castaneda


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