The free workshops, which started on January 23rd, consist of four work sessions. Training on the operation of a new blockchain-based platform will be provided.

Three months after announcing the development of a blockchain-based network together with the company Telefónica, the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) announced an agenda of free workshops to explain its operation. There will be a total of four training sessions, which began last January 23rd in Madrid and will run until February.

The platform, called Blockpct, is a private and independent network that serves Spanish science and technology parks. It can be accessed by more than 8,000 companies and entities that make life in one of the 52 member parks of the association.

In the same vein, the other three workshops were scheduled as follows: in the Technological Park of Boecillo, Valladolid, on February 29th; in The Green Ray building, Málaga, on February 6th; and in the scientific park of the Technological Institute of Bizkaia, in Bilbao, on February 17th.

Those participants interested in learning about the features of Blockpct online can have access to a webinar created by APTE. The information that is available on that website will serve to complement what will be said during the training sessions.

APTE explained that the new network is built under Telefónica’s technology, called TrustOS, whose nodes are controlled by science and technology parks. The association also said that companies and entities can easily test the specific activities of their work for which they can use TrustOS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) every day, describing up to four available APIs.

Business Development

TrustOS is middleware class software, which places it between an operating system and the applications that run on it, allowing communication with other applications, programs or operating systems. The definition of Red Hat lists it as a software system that offers common services and functions for applications. It helps developers design applications more efficiently, as well as acting as a guiding thread between applications, data, and users.

In the case of Blockpct, the enabled APIs are Track, for the traceability of digital assets in blockchain; Token, which serves to create and manage transferable value; Trust, which enables copies of the information from the private blockchain network to the public and Settle, which facilitates operations such as the financial reconciliation of various entities.

It is worth mentioning that the network sponsored by Telefónica already has two use cases in technology parks. The first is the possibility that APTE will generate digital certificates for companies. The second is related to the processes of animation and creation of communities through systems of gamification and tokenization of the activity done by the workers of the companies.

The three months that have elapsed, after its announcement, served to conduct technical tests and define aspects related to the potential projects to be developed. It was reported last October 28th that APTE and the multinational telecommunications company had established an agreement to form a new blockchain consortium.

By Alexander Salazar


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