The seller of the piece of music mentioned he accepts any of these cryptocurrencies as a payment method: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Cash or Dash.

Every day, cryptocurrencies gain more strength in global financial markets, as well as in sales of conventional items ranging from cleaning objects to food and services. Recently, through the online platform of classified ads Craigslist, a user postulated the sale of an old violin that is more than 200 years old. Also, the publication mentions that the seller accepts some cryptocurrencies as payment method.

As it is well known, Craigslist is an electronic platform of classified ads which belongs to the online sales giant, Ebay. And since 2017 it has become one of the largest web sales platforms in the world. Since that year, it enabled an option where the seller can indicate that he accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method for his product.

In a simple way, the platform only added a button in which, whilst the classified announcement is made, the seller can place the option of “cryptocurrency is accepted”. It is known that doing this does not hinder the publication of the article because the sales system does not accept commissions for publications or to process payments for sales on the web. Thus, the website is only a means of dissemination for items for sale. In this way, the option that the seller accepts cryptocurrencies appears for the buyer.

Through information obtained by users, since this platform enabled the cryptocurrency sale option, high-value items have been sold as a R2D2 lego model, valued at $ 250, as well as cargo vans for a value of approximately $67,500; and even a Teddy Bear, valued at about $ 500,000.

Among the latest articles that the platform has published is an old and valuable violin, manufactured by a famous craftsman called Nicolás Mathieu, in Minecourt, a town in France. His elaboration dates from the year 1770, so the violin would be about 249 years old. “The upper part is made of two spruce pieces and has two irregular grain lines. The back is made of a smooth maple door. The rib and the head are made of the same wood”.

It is known that the violin also has some new pieces of high quality, valuing the piece with an approximate of $52,888. The seller promise to give a discount if the interested buyer decides to use any of the cryptocurrencies accepted by the seller. Among the digital currencies that are accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Monero.

This piece of news is becoming increasingly common in the crypto world because more and more cryptocurrencies take more presence in financial markets and also in stores selling products and services.

Similarly, the popularity of decentralized exchange houses is increasing, new proposals for the creation of new digital assets has been presented, as well as more ideas to use blockchain technology in more and more countries.

By María Rodríguez


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