For Pergolini, the new generations understand that intangible assets can be unique. NFTs could change the way you think about copyright.

In an interview, Mario Pergolini said that people have already understood and accepted Bitcoin as a store of value that could replace what gold has been representing all these years.

The radio and television host, who is currently a member of the sports entity’s leadership, expressed himself in this way days ago during his participation as a guest in the program “Lanata Sin Filter,” which Appears on broadcast through Radio Miter.

“Gold is still a narrative,” Pergolini said, adding: “There are a lot of precious metals that meet the exact requirement, but gold has buyers, and when the number of buyers increases, the price goes up and vice versa.”

“There is nothing relevant about gold, except that we all believe in that store and buy it. Pergolini ended his explanation by saying that “at one point, it is also what happens with cryptocurrencies.”

The dialogue with the businessman, also director of the multimedia Vorterix, went towards the actual boom of non-fungible tokens, better known by its acronym in English, NFT. Specifically, he answered why we are facing a financial bubble or a valid form of value generation.

People Need to Understand that Times are in Constant Change

According to Pergolini, there is a need to drive the mentality to a new understanding, especially when these digital elements are receiving such value.

“First, you have to understand how values ​​change for generations and how certain things are changing. And we are going to have to understand it yes or yes; we may or may not agree, but we are going to have to understand it, “Pergolini said.

The businessman also mentioned, as a comparison, that his daughter struggles to understand the reason why his father purchased music CDs:

«she does not understand why I buy something so limited, that it is in a box that takes place, for her a CD It has no value, and for me it does. For my daughter, on the other hand, to listen to music, a file has a value that she cannot have in her hand until ten years ago they were mp3, and today they do not even know what type of file it is, but it does not matter, it has a value for her ».

“Before we gave value to tangible goods that we could touch and see (gold, stamps, seals or works of art), and now more and more value is given to intangible goods that we probably cannot touch,” said Pergolini.

The guest mentioned other cases of collectibles: “at some point, it was the stamps. You bought a stamp that had a fixed value of, for example, $ 0.40. But over time, it might turn out to be $ 1,000. We were giving it a matter that did not have logic in itself.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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