The main idea is to develop a video game to teach people all about these digital assets.

Cryptocurrencies work through a technology that more and more people are interested in learning. The current idea is that people need to learn about this topic interactively and easily.

For this reason, next January 31st programmers, artists, and experts in cryptocurrencies will have 48 hours to develop a video game where they educate others about cryptocurrencies and how to use them.

The competition will take place in the city of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, during the XI edition of the hackathon Global Game Jam (GGJ). The name of the event will be Caracas Game Jam.

To make the event something real, the students that make up the Group of Playful Experiences and the Computer Engineering Students Center of the Simón Bolívar University, together with Caracas Game Jam, will be in charge of everything related to the local organization of the competition.

The Panamanian exchange Cryptobuyer is one of the promoters of the event. This company is the one that has established the challenge of creating a video game that educates people about the use of cryptocurrencies.

A Teamwork

The objective is to develop a video game capable of teaching all about cryptocurrencies. Like all video games, the winner must have professionals in the field of computing, graphic designers, experts in editing and musicalization, as well as all careers that are related to the creation of video games.

In the particular case of this video game, the hackathon will be focused on bringing together students with experts in the area. The idea is that students can learn whilst helping to develop the video game.

As it was explained, all the participants will have 48 hours to present a video game that meets the established requirement, presenting how cryptocurrencies work, considering them as a means of payment or even as a reward, which are the most popular uses of these digital assets.

The winners of the competition will receive personal and direct advice from the Cryptobuyer team to enhance the development and growth of the idea for the video game and thus achieve greater international projection of the winners and comply with the objective of the development.

The Successful Union of Video Games and Cryptocurrencies

Although it was not one of the first options for many people, the video game industry is becoming one of the most successful use cases of blockchain technology. For instance, the non-expendable tokens of the Ethereum ERC-721 standard are presenting use cases due to the degree of authenticity that it can offer within a digital operation.

Some great companies such as Ubisoft and Microsoft have begun to explore the sector through partnerships and acquisitions with companies that work with blockchain technology. They have not yet reported relevant use cases, but the tests are already being conducted and it is expected that this year they will present interesting proposals for the crypto-market and all its users.

By María Rodríguez


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