Users in this country will pay for services and send remittances through text messages, without an Internet connection

The Dash Text users who are in Venezuela will not need an Internet connection to make their digital payments. From now, they will be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies through text messages using this platform, which will operate with the plans of a private telephone company in that country.

Said piece of news emerged on November 2nd when the startup published the announcement in its official Instagram account. It says: “We are pleased to inform all our followers that Dash Text is available to the public. You can now create your wallet. We hope this service benefits thousands of Venezuelans, who can now use their Dash without needing Internet”.

This initiative opens the doors for those who did not have the tools that allow them to access cryptoactives. The main idea is to benefit a greater number of people. The service has been active since the first days of November and after the official launch of the new Dash Text wallet. The development is possible thanks to an alliance with the blockchain solution company, BlockCypher.

According to a publication on Twitter, Dash Text will be operating this month subscribed to the plans of a private Venezuelan telephone company and hopes to reach two others. This will allow all Venezuelans who have a telephone number to make Dash transfers without being online.

This project is based on Coin Text, a service that consents the transfer of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through text messages. The wallet works by means of shortcode text messages, which is only 5 digits, something similar to messaging voting systems.

The benefits

Dash Text’s objective is to process the sending and reception of cryptocurrencies quickly and safely. The company explains that it does not reveal or keep the private keys of the users, which are generated from the user’s telephone number.

To make their payments, users must register all their personal data on the operator’s platform, in order to obtain their telephone number, which will be related to the wallet and its operations.

This wallet is designed for people who do not have a smartphone, do not have access to the Internet, or are left without the electricity that allows them to carry out their transactions online. This system will serve to pay different services, such as payments for belongings received and even the sending of remittances.

“Venezuelans abroad send home about $ 2 billion in remittances, which usually takes a lot of time and is very expensive for most of them. With Dash Text we provide them a real solution to real problems, an easy and inexpensive way to send money home and we have done it in a way that the Dash ecosystem can expand without needing smartphones”, said Bradley Zastrow, global head of business development at Dash.

Dash’s team was working during a month on the first version purse, which was tested by Dash customers. The project was proposed to the Cryptocurrency Treasury a few months ago. Then, it was approved by the organization under the name “Dash-Text-SMS-Wallets”. This is another advance that achieves more presence of cryptocurrencies in the current financial world and in people’s daily life.

By María Rodríguez


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