Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, recommends taking refuge in Bitcoin and Gold. Investments that generate some kind of return can become a sustainable system.

During the current global financial crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, well-known personalities and celebrities recommend taking refuge in Bitcoin. Among them, billionaire Robert Kiyosaki considers it to be a life or death decision.

The well-known author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is an educational entrepreneur and real estate magnate, founder of the financial education company Rich Dad. For his part, the expert advocates financial independence and wealth creation, through investment in assets and real estate.

In his books, Robert Kiyosaki explains that people should focus on investments that generate some type of return. This is important since they can become a sustainable system of wealth creation.

Kiyosaki recommends that investors change their way of thinking, learn and educate themselves in line with renowned experts, establish ventures that create jobs, take advantage of their entrepreneur status to pay fewer taxes and save on gold or Bitcoin.

However, the fifth piece of advice is the most curious of all on that list. With this recommendation, Kiyosaki encourages his followers to save on gold or Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Criticism of Bitcoin

Kiyosaki has recently criticized the response of the US Federal Reserve (FED) to the economic damage that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. The FED has continued to print billions and billions of US dollars since the start of the pandemic. This has awakened all the old ghosts of the great world inflations, already extinct for decades, except those of Venezuela and Argentina.

In short, the author has urged his large number of followers to protect themselves in the future, safeguarding their savings in fiat money in banks, in silver, and gold, and mainly in Bitcoin.

For example, Kiyosaki reaffirmed on May 19th his belief that assets, such as gold, silver and Bitcoin (BTC), would be the saviors of investors during this crisis. In this regard, he said that all cities have income taxes, sales taxes, and real estate taxes.

Dennis Gartman Withdraws His Investment in Gold

In addition to this, Kiyosaki said on July 28th that he has decided to stop investing in gold, after learning that respected gold defender Dennis Gartman withdrew his investment in the metal.

This is an important rule in the world of finance: If an important person, who has defended an asset for years, changes his mind, he may know or anticipate something that no one else knows.

After centuries of a booming industry, it looks as though gold has come to an end as a store of value and Bitcoin could be the next target for people like Gartman.

Robert Kiyosaki says that the reason why he approves Bitcoin is because it is not part of the centralized system. What this author stated in recent days, among other things, is further proof that Bitcoin is the best option that investors can have in the market.

By Alexander Salazar


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