The alleged platform shut-off its website and all its social networks. Dozens of operators complain about a loss of their cryptocurrency savings.

Mining Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in the cloud receives the attention of many companies that see such activities as a profitable business. Some platforms show a very trusted profile and are entirely responsible when it comes to offering a service. Still, it is usual to find malicious movements and scammers waiting for the right moment to hunt reckless users.

Cloud mining is a service that acts as a tool for a company to offer contracts to users, so they find it easier to gain profits as a form of exchange. To accomplish its goal, the company deploys the mining operation; clients invest and then receive an assignation of a piece of the hashrate. The person invests in a plan according to their profile and possibilities with expectations to accept a return that can be annual, monthly, or even daily.

A recent cloud mining case that is raising controversy due to its disappearance is the alleged company Imining.Pro. Dozens of users made public denounces about the company’s sudden disappearance, with an activity of 0 operations since January 15th and a loss of profits and savings.

Imining.Pro website is continuously showing a 504 “timed out” error, which is a clear sign of a page that stopped its activities on the network. A similar situation occurs with Imining. Pro accounts on social networks and also its blogs. The company again shut down its Twitter account; on Facebook, there is 0 activity, and the same goes with its Youtube channel.

What is Imining. PRO? And Why Users are so upset?

Many affected users are raising their voices against Imining.Pro. Among their complaints are the false promises of ensured payments of 2.2% on the invested amount. Incautious users got their finances trapped in the scam, and it seems impossible to recover from such damage.

The alleged startup Imining.Pro is a company with roots in London, and its foundation dates to July 2020 as Imining Pro LTD under the code 12765299, according to corporate records from gov. The UK. The company is still active under British Andrew Jonathan Fox, 55, who serves as director.

Imining.Pro headquarters are at 20 Russell’s Wharf Flats, Harrow Road, W10 4RE, in London, UK. The certificate of registration in England and Wales reads the following:

“Imining Pro LTD has been incorporated today following the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, the company’s limitation is by shares, and its registered office resides in England and Wales”.

Imining. Pro’s strategy to create such a web of publicity for its alleged scams uses the most famous network platforms. The acquisition of services from various media outlets was the perfect scenario to develop a fraud. Imining gained popularity through a well-planned marketing strategy on the now extinguished social networks.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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