The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded the blockchain  project Factom with $193,380 to support the testing of a platform that aims to secure  information from border police cameras and sensors, the Department announced last Friday.

This project seeks to integrate blockchain technology with existing technologies, according to Anil John, Program Manager in the Cyber Security Division (CSD) in the DHS.

“Also, in phase IV, Factom will use its technology in realistic field environments with Customs and Border Protection to understand its possible impacts.”

Factom, a Texas based company, seeks to integrate the information collected by sensors and cameras into a blockchain, which will ensure the information and thus avoid the possibility of being spied on, modified or destroyed. This project will be tested in environments with limited internet access and changing climatic conditions in order to determine their applicability and performance in border patrol scenarios.

The grant awarded by DHS, will be the fourth payment promised to this company in the  framework of their innovation program, which allows companies to apply for up to $800,000 in funds over a period of 24 months. Currently, 23 companies, including Factom, are working on solutions for DHS with the help of these funds, incorporating diverse technologies that point to cyber security in financial systems, global travel evaluation systems, passenger processing sytems and much more.


by Samuel Paz


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