Gerson Murayama Fullita gave a seminar on November 18. The specialist explained that Ford, Google, Meta, Toyota, Apple, FedEx, have already integrated Blockchain.

A few days ago, the University of Lima held the virtual forum “Supply Chain 4.0: Disruptive Technology Applied to Industries and Supply Chains”, where it addressed the impact of Blockchain on industries and its role in digital transformation.

The University of Lima announced this event via Twitter, saying that attendants would “Learn how Blockchain technology works and what are its practical applications to implement them within the digital transformation process in industries and supply chains.”

The forum was provided by Gerson Murayama Fullita, certified Blockchain and Supply Chain Professional (Blockchain Council), and member of the Blockchain Supply Chain Association (BSCA)

Murayama, founder of Innven Consulting, a consultancy dedicated to the optimization of supply chains and the application of new technologies, highlighted that the technology will be useful for businesses, due to the tracking of tangible and intangible assets.

Major Forum Highlights

In the first part of his presentation, Gerson Murayama explained what Blockchain technology is all about and mentioned that this instrument is like a book that facilitates the process of recording transactions and running asset tracking in a business network.

Murayama explained the possibility offered by the Blockchain to develop smart contracts. He added that these are a set of digital codes that are used to exchange assets such as shares, money or property, without the need for intermediaries. According to him, this type of contracts has benefits such as greater security and autonomy, since it does not present interruptions and has a fast performance.

In turn, he indicated that sectors such as commerce, oil and gas, medical care, food security, real estate, retail sales, travel and government services, currently use this digital tool.

Finally, the expert highlighted the importance of smart contracts in the field of public administration, adding that it is very useful in terms of security and protection against online fraud, transparency in the tax sector, improvement of payment and billing systems. , and cyber protection for infrastructure.

Peru Advances with Crypto Adoption

Peru has increased its interest in the crypto ecosystem in recent months. In November, BeInCrypto highlighted that the country will have a new regulation for interoperability in payment services through digital wallets. The Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) prepared the measure, whose purpose is to allow digital wallets that operate within the country to carry out transactions between them.

The new legislation would enter into operation no later than March 31, 2023. The objective is to promote the use of digital wallets, while financial inclusion is valued by making regulations for new forms of payment available to citizens.

By Audy Castaneda


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